Shah Rukh Khan calls Pathaan the ‘kind of film I wanted to do for 30 years,’ hints at possibility of sequel

SRK is excited about Pathaan, which marks his return to films after Zero 2018. The actor, who celebrated his 30th birthday as a Bollywood actor on Saturday, shared with his fans that Pathan is the kind of movie he’s been waiting for since he entered the City of Dreams – Mumbai.

Shahrukh Khan He went live on Instagram to share his journey as an actor and what people in Pathaan should be looking forward to. When a fan asked if he had seen the movie yet, SRK said that both Aditya Chopra (Pathaan Producer) and Siddharth Anand (Director of the movie) were…Cangos“In showing him the movie. He also shared why he stopped films and how Pathaan was a fun project to work on as it gave him the opportunity to perform action sequences like never before.

“I just told them (Aditya and Siddharth) that I hadn’t worked for a year or more, and he quit because I wasn’t enjoying the filmmaking process, which is more important to me than the movie itself. When we started shooting Pathaan, it was so much fun. Action movie with great actors Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, Ashutosh Rana etc. It’s the kind of movie I’ve wanted to do for 30 years. I’ve always thought of myself as someone who can do some great things. So, I guess my impression of Pathaan is that what I really wanted to do when Coming for the first time to Mumbai, I hope I made it into Pathaan as an actor,” he said.

As the conversation continued, he admitted that being an action movie hero was his dream at age 27-28. However, he did have the opportunity to perform on-screen action sequences at the age of 56. “I enjoyed it. Fun doing work. He’s a little bit late (a nod to his age). At 56, I’m so manly and solid, I try to make it work. Siddharth has made And the entire staff did a lot of hard work.

SRK said Pathan was Siddharth’s dream project. “I remember Siddharth told me a lot of movies. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the time to collaborate for years. He had this title called Pathan. And he was telling me that,Sir, Maine movie is ready Kar Lee HaiOne fine day, when we couldn’t work on the two scripts he told me, he sent me a nice message, saying: “I have this title. I couldn’t have a movie with you. Now, please take the title and make a movie whenever you like'”, Shahrukh recalls, adding that two years ago, Patan came back to him with a new text, “I felt like Patan.” “The movie has come a long way. And soon, you will all be able to see it.”

When asked about his favorite thing about Patan, Shahrukh replied, “Poetry. I love poetry.” He added, “The only weird thing is that a lot of times Deepika had the same hairstyle in the scene. So, for the first time, I had to discuss hairstyles with my co-star. I’m missing him now. I cut my hair. Hopefully, if we make part 2 From Pathaan, if you like the first part, I will develop it again.”

On the closing note, SRK said that Pathan’s trailer is expected to come by November or December of this year. The film is scheduled to be released on January 25.

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