Seizing on Agnipath unrest, RJD looks to tap into BJP youth base

Just as the main opposition RJD party in Bihar felt that the JD(U) party led by Nitish Kumar might take credit for opposing Agnipath, the BJP-led center scheme for short-term recruitment of soldiers in the armed forces, the RJD party leader and opposition leader in the state assembly, Tegashwi Prasad Yadav jumped up to demand Agnipath’s retreat.

Tchchwi also expressed his solidarity with the protesting youth, saying that they have doubts about the scheme and are angry.

The youth was a key constituency of the AKP, which Tchachoy sought to attract in a big way in his campaign for the October-November 2020 assembly elections by pledging 10 lakh jobs.

per year. While the AKP emerged as the largest single party in the elections winning 76 seats out of 243 members in Bihar House, the party-led “Grand Alliance” took 110 seats, standing just 12 short of a simple majority.

Besides the point that anti-Agnipath protests included youth and students, JD(U) moved to publicly express his reservation about the scheme despite being the BJP

The partner in Bihar’s coalition government appears to have given a sense of urgency to the AKP, which has now heightened tension over the Saffron Party over the row.

On Sunday, Tejashwi held a press conference in Delhi, asking if Agnipath is an initiative similar to MGNREGA’s Young Educated Initiative or if there is a “hidden RSS agenda” in it. he is too

He fired 20 BJP questions about the scheme, announcing that the leaders of the grand coalition would march to Raj Bhavan on June 22 to register their protest over the issue.

Keeping protesters focused on the concerns of young people whom the BJP considers its “core constituency”, the AKP questioned why the BJP-led NDA government would grant loan waivers to businesses and farmers and not think about unemployed youth.

About 50,000 VKs retire each year. In the past three years, 1.5 lakh Gawan retired but why the ensuing vacancies were not filled,” Tegashwi wondered. Stressing that around 70 per cent of the youth in the country were under pressure due to the unemployment crisis, Tchachwi wondered if the BJP was not Responsible for the widespread violence due to the raging youth protests against Agnipath.

Against the demand of ‘one rank, one pension’, the BJP offered ‘no rank, no pension,’ said Tchachoy, who is trying to expand his party’s voting base beyond the Baladi Party (Muslim-Yadav). to the ground”.

Noting that jobs in the defense forces were the biggest attraction among the youth in the villages, an AKP leader said the party was trying to “take advantage of their anger against Agnipath.”

To wean them off the BJP.”

Even as the BJP Bihar was working on a refutation directed at the RJD protesters,

Bisfi MLA Haribhushan Thakur called opponents of Agnipath “jihadists”.

Thakur, who is known for making controversial statements, also dubs Prime Minister Nitish Kumar.

On Monday, in reaction to BJP chief’s attack on BJP chief Dr Sanjay Jaiswal, “JD(U) has no fan base and will cease to exist after Nitish Kumar no longer exists,” Thakur claimed on Monday, who had chased the Nitish-led administration. Because of the attacks by Agnipath protesters on the offices and leaders of the BJP.

The BJP MLA party drew fire from allies, JD (U) spokesperson Neeraj Kumar and Hindustani spokesperson Awam Morcha (secular) Danish Rizwan, as well as RJD spokesperson Mrityunjay Tiwari, who called Thakur “irresponsible”.

JD(U) wondered why the BJP had failed to rein in Thakur. RJD Tiwari party leader said: β€œThe BJP seems to have lost the support of the youth after bringing in the Agnipath scheme. The BJP should know that the opposition is important in democracy.”

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