Sebi warns Aurobindo Pharma | Business News,The Indian Express

Market regulator Sebi has issued a warning letter to Aurobindo Pharma for disclosing to stock exchanges “extremely limited and restricted information” about the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) audit of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Manufacturing (API) facility in Hyderabad. “The only fact that was revealed was a warning letter received from the US Food and Drug Administration. The company did not disclose details of the cause and noted non-compliance/deviation,” SEBI said. It said that the disclosure is not in line with the principles governing disclosures and the obligations of listed entities.

“You have been hereby warned and advised to ensure compliance with all applicable provisions of the SEBI Regulations. The regulator said in the letter that any such deviation in the future would be taken seriously and appropriate action would be taken. The company said the SEBI communication relates to certain disclosures made to the Ongoing USFDA audit of Unit 1 of the company and feedback provided by USFDA between 2019 and 2022.

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