Satish Kaushik doesn’t want Mr. India to have remake or sequel. Here’s why

“I don’t like remaking or sequel to the movie Mr. India,” said Satish Kaushik. The 1987 film, which also stars Anil Kapoor, Sridevi and Amarish Puri, is considered a cult classic. Shekhar Kapoor gave the audience an unparalleled villain Mogambo and his equally popular line-up and became a milestone in Hindi cinema for the rarely filmed superhero genre. The film has been remade in Tamil and Kannada. Read More | Satish Kaushik alleges GoFirst is using ‘dubious ways to earn money from passengers’, airline apologizes and refunds

Satish Kaushik, who plays the calendar in the film, has said that the film should not be remade or given a sequel today. The actor said that none other than Anil Kapoor could do justice to the role of Mr India aka Arun Verma and noted that it would be better to leave some things untouched.

He told ETimes, “In my personal opinion, I shouldn’t touch a few films for a remake or a sequel. I think Mr. India is such a film, it should not be a remake. Mr. India was a mix of fine artists who helped to make a good entertaining film. Bonnie Kapoor by Javed Akhtar Adventure director and photographer Baba Ajmi, artists and crew including adventure director Veera Devgan, Peter Pereira (special effect camera), art director Bijon Das Gupta, choreographer Saroj Khan and music composer Laxmikant Parelal, all believed in the project and put in a lot of effort and good work There is team work.

Sathish said, “This is an unrivaled film with such a great heritage. If it ever comes out, it can only be pulled by Anil Kapoor, and no other actor.”

In 2020, filmmaker Ali Abbas Zafar has announced that he will be making a film called Mr. India. As people speculated that the film was a sequel or a remake, the filmmakers made it clear, “It’s a completely new film. We’re calling it Mr. India. My film is basically about the common man fighting a powerful villain, but in a cool, hip way, using science and technology and present to today’s social context.

Satish recently reunited with Anil for the Netflix movie Thor, which also stars Anil’s son Harshavardhan Kapoor. Satish and Anil have played the cops in the western noir released on Netflix on May 6.

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