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Broad Jump comes with multiple health benefits. Rather easy exercise and can be anytime and anywhere and requires no equipment, wide jumping is a favorite among many. However, most people are unaware of this routine and do not believe in incorporating it into their daily routine, thinking it is too simple and does not come with many benefits. Trudeau Pandey, fitness coach of Sanya Malhotra, is known for regularly sharing fitness-related information on her Instagram profile, addressing broad jumps and talking about its benefits.

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In a video recently shared by Trudev on his Instagram profile, he can be seen stretching his muscles and performing broad jumps in a gym setup. Wearing a white T-shirt and yellow and blue gym shorts, Trudev can be seen jumping a long way from one side to the other. He can be seen doing the same thing repeatedly. Along with the video, she also talked about the health benefits that come with this simple routine. Her caption read:

Wider jumps come with multiple benefits for the body. It helps to strengthen and stabilize the leg muscles. It helps tone the lower part of the body and engages a range of muscles. Incorporating wide jumps into your daily routine helps tone the muscles and improve plyometric and vertical jumps. Jumping, in general, brings many health benefits. It helps to improve cardiovascular health and body metabolism. It helps to improve bone density and is a good calorie burner, which further helps to control weight.

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