‘Sanskari’ Thieves Perform Puja Before Fleeing with Gold, Cash from Kerala Bank

Seeking the gods’ blessing is a must before you do something important, according to the belief. Manorama Online reported that some thieves in Kerala duly followed the tradition while performing puja before looting gold and cash from a financial firm. The incident took place in Kollam district of Kerala state where thieves broke into a private financial company called Pathanapuram Bankers in Janata Junction. The owner of the financial institution, Ramchandran Nair, who hails from Bidavur, discovered the theft upon arrival at his company at 9am on Monday.

The owner claimed that the miscreants managed to escape with money and gold worth Rs 42 lakh from the company. But what left the police baffled is the scene the thieves left behind. Upon arriving at the crime scene, the police found a picture of Lord Deva lying on three sheets of paper.

Furthermore, they discovered a small trident with a yellow thread attached to it, which is lemon, liquor, and betel leaves. All these indicate that the thieves led the puja before stealing the gold and cash. According to the police complaint filed by the owner, he kept 100 gold rupees worth 30 lakh rupees and 4,000 rupees cash in two separate vaults in the bank.

According to a police officer, the bank remained open until noon Saturday and closed on Sunday. He added that the thieves managed to reach the first floor of the three-storey building through the roof. To enter the bank, they smashed the iron grills and forcibly opened the door.

The officer further explained that the miscreants used a chopper to open the safes and put their hands on the gold and cash.

Apparently, besides the puja elements, the thieves left behind other suspicious objects that baffled the police. A police officer shared that human hair was found scattered all over the room. It was suspected that this had been done deliberately to mislead the police dogs.

In addition, a poster that read “I’m a Danger; Don’t Follow Me” was pasted on the wall, and it also caught the attention of the police.

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