Sanjay Popli attends son’s cremation, says has full faith in judiciary

Graft was charged with IAS officer Sanjay Bupley on Monday of attending the body of his son, Kartik Buble, 26, who was found dead by a bullet at his home in Sector 11 on Saturday. The body was cremated in Sector 25, where Sanjay Buble lit the crematorium.

IAS officer Sanjay Buble was arrested on 20 June, allegedly for asking Rs 7 lakh as a bribe to clear bids for a sewage pipeline in Nawanshahr. One of Bubley’s aides, known as Sandeep Watts, from Jalandhar has also been arrested. Before cremation, a special committee of doctors, including forensic experts, performed an autopsy at PGI, which was videotaped. The whole procedure was done under the supervision of Judicial Officer, ADC Amit Kumar.

The Class of 2008 IAS officer, Sanjay Buble, was brought from the district prison in Rupar by Punjab Police to attend his son’s last rites. Aside from Sanjay Buble, other members of Kartik’s family including his mother, Shri Buble, were also present at the cremation site in Sector 25 on Monday.

Later, Sanjay Buble told the media that he has full faith in the government and judiciary of the country and will bring justice in the event of the death of his son.

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