Sangrur Lok Sabha bypolls: Opposition tries to corner AAP over Moose Wala killing

Opposition leaders campaigning in Sangrur ahead of the Lok Sabha by-election are trying to marginalize the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) over the assassination of singer Sidhu Moos Wala.

Sangrur, which is considered as the bastion of AAP, will be held on June 23 as Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has won by more than one lakh votes twice.

In addition to protesting against the AAP’s policies, opposition leaders have taken the government to task, killing the singer, less than a day after his security was reduced.

Punjab Area Congress Committee (PPCC) President Amarinder Singh Raja Waring started his speech after a two-minute silence in memory of the singer while campaigning for party candidate Dalvir Singh Goldi on Saturday.

Waring said the singer died from “AAP’s cheap promotional gimmicks,” “If Sidhu Moos Wala was given enough security, he may not kill. You (AAP) have reduced his security and uploaded it on your social media accounts for cheap promotion. He was killed.

“While the Punjab government remains silent, we hear about two or three murders every day,” the PPCC chief told a meeting in Mehl Kalan.

Senior President of the Shiromani Accident, Prem Singh Chandumarajra, said the Bhagwant Man-led government was trying to cover up its weaknesses and interfere with ensuring a fair investigation of the assassination.

Chandumajra, who campaigned for the party’s candidate Kamaldeep Kaur, said, “The investigation had to be given to the central agencies. But the Punjab government is not handing over the investigation to them. If investigated by central agencies, the state government must answer why security has been withdrawn and promoted on social media. The finger of suspicion is pointing towards the AAP government. Thus the investigation should be carried out by the National Investigation Agency.

BJP candidate Kewal Singh Dhillon said, “It has not been a long time since AAP took over the state administration and law and order has already gone toss. The state has never been such a mess. We have lost our diamond (Sidhu Moos Wala). He took pride of the globe. The family has said that Sidhu’s life is in danger, but the government is not concerned.

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