Sampoornesh Babu’s Dhagad Saamba Hits Theatres, Actor Confident Of Film’s Success

Sampoornesh star Babu Dhagad Saamba has arrived in theaters with the belief that the movie will succeed in keeping the audience entertained. In an interview, he talked about Dhagad Saamba, his future projects and more.

Speaking of Dhagad Samba, Sampoornesh said that this project is a comedy movie with a light touch of horror element. He added that the story of Dajad Samba is about a family who loses all their wealth due to a conspiracy when the hero is still a child. When the hero grows up, he devises a plan to take back his family’s property.

The name Sampornish is mostly associated with comedy in his career. The Half Stories representative also spoke about this aspect. According to Samburnish, this is the first time he has played a serious character. Besides, there are also horror elements in this movie. Sampoornesh is excited about a movie with different elements merging for the first time.

Samburnish is not shy about admitting mistakes in his previous films. He said that there are some mistakes in movies like Hrudaya Kaleyam, Kobbari Matta and Singham 123. Sampoornesh has emphasized that these idiots are not repeated in Dhagad Samba.

According to Sampornech, another unique thing about Dhagad Samba is that there are four action sequences in this movie, and they were designed by different action directors. Sampurnish said that besides the emotional scenes, Dhagad Samba is rich in mass moments as well.

Sampurnish was also asked why he accepted Dhagad Samba’s offer. According to Samburnish, he liked her story. Funded by Praveena Creations, Dhagad Samba directed by NR Reddy. Apart from Sampoornesh, Chalaki Chanti, Jyothi Rana, Fish Venkat and Sonakshi Verma, he will also appear in Dhagad Samba.

Sampurnish is very happy with his future projects. Sampurnish said Dhagad Samba is his seventh film as a male hero. He is currently shooting for Takkari Donga Chakkani Chukka and Mr. Beggar.

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