Saji Cheriyan quits as Kerala minister amid outrage over Constitution remarks | Latest News India

Report by Ramesh Babu | Written by Sohini Goswami

Saji Cherian resigned as Kerala’s culture minister on Wednesday, a day after he courted controversy over his remarks on the constitution, sparking a huge political uproar in the southern state.

“I have resigned and it is my personal decision. I have never disrespected the Constitution. A certain part of the speech was taken and the media constructed it to undermine CPI-M and LDF,” Cherian said in a statement.

Left leaders had earlier lamented that news reports on the affair had been ‘twisted’.

While the Congress-led opposition termed Cherian’s remarks as ‘disgusting’, the BJP said he should hold office empowered by the constitution he disrespected and lashed out at the CPI(M) over the controversy.

Speaking at a party meeting in Pathanantitta on Monday, Chierian condemned the constitution and said it had been reduced to an instrument of exploitation.

“We often say it is a beautiful constitution. But we blindly copied the British system and wrote the constitution. It never provides any protection against exploitation. This will help loot the common people and the working class,” Cherian said in Mallapally in Pathanantitta district.

“The constitution has been finely tuned by adding democracy and secularism here and there to make it beautiful. But the exploitation part is quite clear. “We have followed the system proudly for 75 years,” he said.

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