Sachin on Kohli’s return to form: ‘The shot he played against Rashid was just…’ | Cricket

After about two months and 13 matches, Virat Kohli finally played like Virat Kohli. Superstar India batter Vintage Kohli-esque knock played for the Royal Challengers Bangalore team for a good 73 against Gujarat Titans in IPL 2022 at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. This is Kohli’s second fifty in the current IPL season, and if the former had also come up against GT, it would have sealed Kohli’s. Also Read: ‘I rate him very much. Sachin Tendulkar talks about the ‘under-rated’ IPL batter

“I liked the positive attitude of the Bangalore batsmen. Virat took the initiative and they started the attack. In this match, I liked one thing in particular, and it was the accuracy of their footwork and, as they say, the face. Bat. It appeared and I really liked it. Tendulkar said in his YouTube video that he is fit and his run between wickets is great.

Kohli hit eight fours and two sixes in 54 balls, but Virat reached his highest fifty in Rashid Khan’s delivery and would stand for Tendulkar. Both Kohli’s sixes came from Rasheed but it was a sight to see Virat whipping an in-dipper in deep midwicket to score a half-century in 33 balls.

“Virat played against Rasheed to get to fifty. I thought it was a leg spinner and the length of the ball was near his ankle and he used his wrist at the last moment. Give it the elevation. Knowing about that, he played that shot at the last moment. Overall, Virat batted brilliantly and Faf played the best supporting role. It was smart cricket, “Tendulkar said.

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