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The war in Ukraine completes its third month in three days from now, and an updated map amid the Russian occupation – shared by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense – shows that the eastern part of the country is largely under siege. In its overnight developments, Russia claims to have completely seized the strategic port city of Mariupol, which has been a victim and witness to continuous fighting since March. Amid continued attacks, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelinsky has sought relief from Moscow for all the damage. According to reports, Kyiv has estimated its war losses to be about $ 100 billion.

Here are the ten latest updates on the Ukraine war:

1. “We invite partner countries to sign a multilateral agreement and create a mechanism to ensure that everyone suffering from (the) Russian actions can be compensated for all losses incurred,” the Ukrainian president said in his overnight speech.

2. “That’s fair. And Russia feels the weight of every missile, every bomb, every shell, it’s shot down on us,” the 44-year-old leader further insisted.

3. Moscow on Friday claimed that it had taken full control of the Ukrainian forces, the last hold of Ukrainian forces in Mariupol, a city that has been facing relentless aggression for three months.

4. “The area of ​​the Azovstall metallurgical plant has been completely liberated,” the Russian Defense Ministry told Reuters, adding that a total of 2,439 rescuers had surrendered in the past few days. The numbers are not confirmed by Kyiv.

5. Reports say a group of seven major economies pledged nearly $ 20 billion in support to the war-torn nation this year.

6. In the eastern parts, Luhansk faces a double-up invasion. “The Russian army has launched the most devastating destruction of the town of Sevierodonetsk. And look at every apartment, ”Luhansk Governor Serhi Gaidai said on his Telegram Channel.

7. People familiar with the matter said that $ 40 billion US aid to the conflict-ridden country was flying to Seoul with Bill Joe Biden, the US president was visiting Asia, news agency AP reported. The bill was approved by the US Congress on Thursday.

8. The emergence of the food crisis is a major concern for the world amid the war in Ukraine.

9. “The bombing of Ukraine in Russia is hampering the export of critical food supplies and raising prices for the most vulnerable around the world.

10. The war began on February 24 as part of what Russia called a “special military option.” Millions have been displaced, thousands have died, and many Ukrainian cities have suffered enormous damage, although Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet indicated whether he will end the war at any time.

(With inputs from Reuters, AP, Bloomberg)

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