Russia losing ‘UAVs’ in Ukraine, says UK; explains why it could be a setback | World News

Ukraine War: Kiev estimates $ 100 billion in losses amid Russian invasion.

Although Russia has been victorious and claimed its last hold in Mariupol, Ukraine – the Azovstall iron and steel factory – the United Kingdom said Saturday that the country was losing UAVs (Uncruded Aerial Vehicles), which hit its operational effectiveness. .

“The Russia-Ukraine war has seen a major role for both unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), but they have suffered a major deterioration. UAVs have been proven to be vulnerable to both electronic jamming,” the UK Defense Ministry said on Twitter in its latest insights.

“If Russia continues to lose UAVs at its current rate, the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of Russian forces will further decline, negatively impacting the effectiveness of the operation,” it said in another post.

The war in Ukraine will enter its fourth month next week, and in its overnight speech on Friday night, Volodymyr Zelinsky said Moscow could pay for the damage the country suffered amid the conflict.

Kyiv estimates its losses at about $ 100 billion.

Meanwhile, the UK says the Russian bombing of Ukraine is blocking the export of critical food supplies, “raising prices for the most vulnerable around the world.” “The Kremlin must end its barbaric war and help Ukrainian farmers feed the world again,” the government’s statement read.

The United Nations is also concerned about the food crisis globally caused by the war.

Another consequence is the lack of fuel and gas. In recent developments, Russia has blocked gas supplies to Finland amid a neighboring nation’s bid for membership of the US-led NATO Defense Coalition.

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