Rubina Dilaik issues threat to those with ill-will against her ‘man’ Abhinav Shukla: ‘You are going to see my wrath and fury’

Actress Rubina Delek has threatened those who try to create distance between her and her husband Abhinav Shukla By her wrath and anger. Rubina and Abhinav were on the verge of divorce when Bigg Boss 14 entered, but they later repaired their relationship after opening up about their differences on the show.

In a new interview with Bollywood Bubble, the couple were reminded of how people at the time tried to stoke the feud between the two on the show. Rubina said, “I was so vigilant, and if I opened up about a very intimate aspect of my relationship on national television, I would be attacked, I would be judged, and not everyone would understand it. Apart from friends and family, no one would.”

And she added, “Amidst that, people started to take advantage of that unnecessarily. That was when I decided this was our personal thing, which I took the responsibility to talk about on national TV… I don’t give a ***** if you come and speak something for a hint. Or disrespecting my man, I won’t stand it. Whether it’s someone who’s been kicked out or walked off the show, or someone I’ve been dealing with on the show, you’ll come and watch the rage and anger. Even if you only take one step toward my man…”

After Bigg Boss, Rubina and Abhinav worked out their relationship, and although they still attract trolls, they’re in a better place. They renewed their vows in Abu Dhabi. “There is not an iota of regret for what was said, done or discussed. We worked on it as a challenge and there is nothing but gratitude. The trip has made me a better person and instilled a lot of trust in each other. We have overcome problems together and realized how little compromises and adjustments take you away. It’s always about creating a good balance. That’s what this trip has been like,” Robina told

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