RS polls: Voting underway in Karnataka, tight contest for 4th seat | Bengaluru

Voting in the Rajya Sabha polls for four seats from Karnataka on Friday, suspicion over the outcome of the fourth place continues, with all three political parties contesting, even though none of them have enough votes to win. Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) are voters in this election.

The voting will begin at 9 am and will continue till 4 pm and will be counted after 5 pm. There are six candidates in the state-by-state election and contesting for a fourth place is inevitable.

All three political parties – the BJP, the Congress and the JD (S) – have fielded candidates for the seat and demanded elections, despite not having enough votes to win the fourth seat from the state assembly. The six candidates for the state-by-state arena are Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, actor-politician Jaggesh, and MLC Lehr Singh Siroya, who has left the BJP, former Union minister Jairam Ramesh and former general secretary Mansoor Ali Khan from Congress and JDSD Congress

Sitaraman and Ramesh are seeking re-election from the state for the consecutive term. A candidate needs the support of 45 MLAs to win and BJP two and Congress one seat based on their strength in the assembly.

After electing two Rajya Sabha candidates (Sitharaman and Jaggesh) on their own right in the Assembly, the BJP will have an additional 32 MLAs to vote. After Jairam Ramesh was elected, the Congress has 25 MLAs left, but the JDS (S) has only 32 MLAs, which is not enough to win a seat. For the fourth place, there will be direct competition between Siroya (BJP), Khan (Congress) and Reddy (JDS).

If Siroya and Reddy have a deficit of 13 MLAs each, Khan needs 20 votes. Since this election has an open ballot system, each legislator (voter) has to show their ballot to their designated party agents after they have chosen their preferences.

According to sources, the BJP has appointed national general secretary and legislator CT Ravi as agent, while state Congress president DK Shivakumar will handle the responsibility. Fearing cross-voting, all three political parties issued a whip and asked lawmakers to vote for their candidates. The numbers are intact and the worry of seeing no cross-border voting has increased for the JDS and the party moved its legislators to the city’s hotel last night.

Kolar constituency legislator K Srinivasa Gowda has already announced that he will vote for the Congress candidate. The JDS fears a repeat of the 2016 Rajya Sabha elections when eight rebel lawmakers voted against its official candidate and supported Congress. Most of these rebels have managed to get a Congress ticket for the 2018 Assembly elections. There have been reports that some MLAs are in touch with the BJP.

Though the JDS leadership has tried to attract four dissatisfied MLAs who have been separated from the party over the past few days, some are worried that the party will hold a meeting last night. In regional attire.

The ruling BJP, which is confident of winning the three seats it has contested, has made a final attempt to make all its votes stand out by circulating a mock vote. He also held a legislative party meeting before the election. However, there were interesting events in the opposition party, with the top leaders of Congress and JDS trying to contact each other lawmakers until the last moment to negotiate some form of formal understanding between them. The crisis has reached a point where both parties have firmly adhered to their stance.

JDS leader HD Kumaraswamy had offered to trade second preferential votes with the Congress and “start anew” between the two political parties, but the old party made it clear to the regional party. Former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda pointed out that the last time he was elected to the RSS was in June 2020 with its support.

A day before the election, Congress legislature leader Siddaramaiah wrote to JDS legislators on Thursday asking them to cast a “conscience vote” on Khan’s second candidate Khan, saying he would win. The victory of the “secular doctrine” pursued by both parties. While Kumaraswamy strongly urged his party’s candidate to support Reddy to strengthen “secular forces”, Siddaramaiah accused the BJP of winning by defeating the JDS.

For its part, the ruling party has overseen the voting process for three ministers R Ashoka, V Sunil Kumar and B Nagesh. According to party sources, the legislators will vote in three batches for their nominated candidates. Elections for four Rajya Sabha seats are inevitable as BJP’s Nirmala Sitharaman and KC Ramamurthy and Jairam Ramesh’s term ends on June 30. The fourth member of Congress, Oscar Fernandez, died last year.

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