Road to UFC Opening Round Bouts Announced

SINGAPORE – The UFC®, the world’s premier mixed martial arts (MMA) organization, has announced ROAD TO UFC, the most significant opportunity for Asia’s best mixed martial arts prospects to make it onto the world stage. The opening round will take place over two days, June 9 and June 10, at Singapore Indoor Stadium prior to UFC® 275: TEIXEIRA vs PROCHAZKA on June 12, the first UFC pay-per-view event in Southeast Asia.

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ROAD TO UFC is a leading ‘Win and Advance’ tournament that gives top MMA prospects from Asia a path to the UFC decade. Eight mixed martial arts athletes will compete in each of the four men’s weight classes: flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight and lightweight. The opening round is divided into four episodes, each of which includes four rounds of tournaments and an additional non-championship bout. These non-championship bouts are included for promising prospects whose divisions may not have been included in ROAD TO UFC.

Here are the athletes from India and their opponents:

Elia Muradbek (China) – Pawan Maan Singh (India)
Pawan Maan: Former SFL Champion, Good Ground Match and Knockout Artist with Top Right.
Ilya Muradbek: A former BFFC champion, she has a knack for punching.

Anshul Jubley (inside) vs. Shu Patrick Usami (Japan)
Mountain Ancol: Unbeaten, well-rounded with very good grappling and technical standing.
Shu Patrick Usami: Former boxing champion, Karate base has a very good shot.

Here is the schedule of episodes and shifts:

The Road to UFC Episode 1, Jun 9, 2022

featherweightYi Ja (CN) vs. Keisuke Sasu (Japan)

LightweightBalajin (CN) vs. WonBin Ki (KR)

bantam weightMimiti Tohati (CN) vs. Toshiomi Kazama (Japan)

fly weightSeungGuk Choi (KR) vs. Rama Supandhi (ID)

Non-Light Heavyweight ChampionshipZhang Mingyang (CN) vs. Tuco Tokkos (UK)
Road to UFC Episode 2, Jun 9

bantam weightMinwoo Kim vs. Xiao Long (CN)

featherweightJunYoung Hong (KR) – Koyomi Matsushima (Japan)

fly weightQue Lone (CN) vs. Wallen Del Rosario (PH)

LightweightElia Muradbek (CN) vs. Pawan Maan Singh (India)

non-championship flyweight, Sean Eitchell (Australia) – Takeru Uchida (Japan)
Road to UFC Episode 3, Jun 10

featherweightJeongYeong Lee (KR) vs. Xie Bin (CN)

fly weightYuma Horiuchi (Japan) vs. Top Kiwram (TH)

LightweightAnshul Gubli (India) vs. Chu Patrick Usami (Japan)

bantam weightRenia Nakamura (Japan) vs. Gogon Gusman (Identity)

hay weight for non-championship women, Yidam Seo (Korea) vs Josephine Knutson (South East)
Road to UFC Episode 4, Jun 10

bantam weightShohei Nose (Japan) vs. Wulijiburen (CN)

LightweightAsikerbai Jinensibieke (CN) vs. Kyung Pyo Kim (KR)

featherweightLu Kai (CN) vs. Angga Hans (ID)

fly weightHyunSung Park (KR) vs. Jeremia Siregar (ID)

Non-championship welterweightJohn Adagar (PH) vs. HanSeul Kim (KR)
All fits are live and subject to changes.

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