Restaurant licences, CM post heat, all on the table as Cong leader and BJP minister take on each other in Goa

Goa Town and Country Planning (TCP) Minister Vishwajit Rani and Congress Leader Michel Lobo The constant brawl – full of verbal exchanges and showing why Notifications are sent to properties associated with Lobo – It intensified on Monday. Lobo commented that Rani was being “targeted” by the opposition leader, adding that Rani was behaving as if he was “above the prime minister”. As expected, Rana replied within minutes.

As companies owned by Lobo and his wife, Delilah Lobo, an MLA congressman, continue to receive notices from the TCP and Food and Development Authority (FDA) under Rane’s leadership, Lobo spoke to reporters on Monday and said, “He (Rane) wants to prove to senior leadership (the party BJP) that he can target the opposition leader and put him in his place. How does he put me in my place? Do we owe him anything? We have a panchayat license, we have an FDA license (for the restaurant).”

Lobo added that Rani was behaving like “Satarish Raja (King of Satari),” referring to Rani’s five-time win as an MLA from Valpoe in the Satari District.

Accusing Raneh of acting “on his whims” and “using government officials as ‘slaves’,” he said, “Has he gone mad? Is he trying to show that he is above the prime minister? Whatever your differences about being a CM, these are between you (Rane and CM Pramod Sawant).”

Lobo, who was a minister in the former BJP government under CM Sawant and former head of the North Goa Planning and Development Authority (NGPDA), turned to Congress last January and won the Calangute seat. Lobo said he had asked CM Sawant “to intervene in the matter because a minister in his government was doing whatever he wanted and needed to check it out”.

Within minutes of Lobo’s statement on Monday, Rani posted a tweet saying, “With so many violations taking place in the coastal belt, I would like to stress that any illegal structure that obtained FDA authorization by submitting false documents will be canceled after due processing. The leader of the opposition cannot complain when there are a large number of infractions. Please stop crying, the law will take its course. I advise you to follow the rule of law that applies to all.”

“It is my humble submission to LoP to be patient,” Rani said in another tweet.

Goa residents know who’s impatient and desperate for a chair, and that’s the ultimate goal. I have been patient and want the law to take its own course… While the Minister asks me to be patient until inquiries are completed, one wonders what makes him impatient? Lupo replied.

However, with the PM’s comment, Lobo may have struck a chord.

Rani’s ambition to be in the highest seat in the state is no secret, with rifts between him and CM Sawant also emerging from time to time.

With both in the race for a CM job following the assembly results in March, the BJP is back again with Sawant, rooted in RSS and longtime BJP cadre member, on Rane, who left Congress to join the BJP in 2017.

Long before the elections, when Goa experienced severe oxygen shortages at Government Medical College and Goa Hospital during the second wave of Covid in May 2021, CM Sawant and Rani, then Minister of Health, were engaged in a “brawl” amid the crisis.

Two hotels with which Lobo was a partner – Hotel Baga Deck and Nazri Resort – earlier obtained illegal building notices, while the Food and Drug Administration claimed it had found violations in Pisco on the beach in Anjuna, which is owned by his wife and Congressional MLA Delilah Lobo.

Lobo claimed the violations were “flimsy”, like broken tiles, and said, “A lot of ministers have also eaten in our restaurants. I asked them if there was anything wrong with our food? They said no, the food was very good…No one made any complaints against us” .

Delilah said they had been running the business for 20-25 years, long before Lobo became an MLA. Only now that we’ve joined Congress, has something gone wrong? When we were in the BJP all these years, everything was fine? “

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