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WhatsApp is widely used by people not only for personal but also for professional communication. One such work-related conversation between two people on the messaging app has now sparked a debate on Reddit — and angered some. It all started when a user of the platform shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat between two people regarding the word “Hey”. The film shows how one person is offended and tries to school the other when someone is congratulated by saying this particular word.

“How do you react to this? And hell isn’t that how hey professional?” reads the caption shared with the photo. The screenshot shows how a man named Sandeep gets offended when another man named Shreyas greets him with ‘Hey’. The guy didn’t stop there and went on to explain other words that should never be used professionally.

Check out the WhatsApp conversation below:

Since being shared five days ago, the post has garnered over 53,400 upvotes and over 6,600 comments.

“Henceforth, write each message as elaborately and formally as you can: Dear Recipient of this telecommunications message…,” quipped a Reddit user. “Hey I like being professional but emojis are nice,” suggested another. “If ‘hey’ is unprofessional, neither is ‘hi’. They’re both informal,” commented a third.

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