Realme Pad X review: The tablet to beat under Rs 20,000

Realme launched its third tablet in India – Realme Pad X, which is the most powerful tablet in the company’s current portfolio. It’s no longer just about offering an affordable big screen experience for digital learning or home entertainment. Instead, the Pad X is an all-in-one 5G tablet with a mid-range chip at its core and exclusive accessories like a keyboard and stylus case to enhance the experience. But is that enough to justify the Realme Pad X’s starting price of Rs 19,999? How does the Pad X stack up against its competitors? Find out in my full review below.

Realme Pad X Specifications: 10.95 inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1200 x 2000 | Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G Chip, 4GB/6GB RAM, Up to 128GB Storage | 13MP Rear Camera + 8MP Front Camera | 8340 mAh battery with 33W fast charging |

Realme Pad X: What’s so good?

design and build

realme pad x, realme pad x review, realme pad x sale The Realme Pad X is a good looking device that feels excellent in the hand. (Express Photo)

Realme Pad X comes with a solid build quality and that’s noticeable the moment you pull it out of the box. The back is plastic, but it doesn’t feel weak that way. There are no wobbling or floppy buttons. The tablet feels very good in hand given the price. This is great because build quality is usually one of the first areas to get an ax in affordable technology. The color and build here also reminded me of the smaller Realme Pad Mini I tried a few months ago.

Display and sound

The Pad X comes with a great screen for the price. This is a large 10.95 inch tablet with a resolution of 1200 x 2000 pixels. The tablet also takes advantage of this screen real estate with a number of new software features via Realme UI that let you multitask seamlessly with split screens that you can resize and floating windows that you can drag.

The screen is also bright enough for indoor use, but it remains an LCD screen, so while you get good depth and color reproduction here, don’t expect AMOLED-level contrast ratios. Watching YouTube or a movie on the Pad X was fun and apart from the screen, that’s also thanks to the sound.

realme pad x, realme pad x review, realme pad x sale Realme Pad X has a sufficiently bright screen with good color reproduction for the price. (Photo Credit: Chetan Nayak/The Indian Express)

Realme Pad X comes with a quad speaker setup (four speakers) and can sound really loud, without adding any distortion. The sound is also good for the tablet’s built-in speakers and doesn’t feel cramped or lacking in bass. This should somewhat compensate for the lack of a 3.5mm port here, which is something that, in my opinion, should be present on all tablets.


Realme Pad X is very good in overall day to day performance. Thanks to the integrated Snapdragon 695 chip, you can get similar performance to a mid-budget smartphone here (Rs 15k to Rs 20k), with the advantages of a large screen. The Realme Pad X can also play to a point, and if you want, you can play titles like the recently banned BGMI here – which are played in Smooth + Ultra Graphics.

realme pad x, realme pad x review, realme pad x sale This is also a great device for taking your Netflix movie to bed. (Photo Credit: Chetan Nayak/The Indian Express)

However, you’ll need to keep price in mind here and maintain realistic expectations when running resource-intensive apps on the Pad X or playing heavy games. Although this is a productivity-based device, it is not specifically targeted at power users. Another plus point is proper 5G support with 13 bands, which will ensure that you can get a high speed data connection on this device when 5G is introduced. There’s also microSD card support, in case you run out of onboard storage.

Camera and battery life

There is a single 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera on the Realme Pad X and they both get the job done. You can make video calls and join conferences without any quality issues and the rear camera is good enough for scanning documents, enjoying some AR (augmented reality) apps and taking pictures of your pet doing goofy things. It can also record video at up to 1080p + 60fps.

There’s also a new Limelight feature here as Realme takes on Apple’s popular Center-Stage feature. This allows the camera to pan and zoom to integrate more people into the viewfinder when someone joins you during a video conference.

The Realme Pad X has a fairly good battery life and the tablet can last between a full day and two or three days, depending on how often you use it and what you’re using it for. The tablet has average charging speeds, with a large battery power reaching 50 percent in about 50-55 minutes.


The Realme Pad X gets support for two exclusive accessories, a smart keyboard worth Rs 4,999 and a Realme Pencil worth Rs 5,499. The keyboard comes with a USB Type-C port and a small on/off switch. Once paired with the tablet, it runs smoothly and does not face any issues. The tablet will also be able to intelligently detect when an external keyboard is connected and display/remove the onscreen keyboard accordingly.

realme pad x, realme pad x review, realme pad x sale The keyboard has good travel and is comfortable to type on. (Photo Credit: Chetan Nayak/The Indian Express)

Realme Smart Keyboard also has a good travel key and those who know Windows keyboard shortcuts will be able to use it here while typing or doing any other work. The Realme Pencil comes without a dedicated button like some of the high-end tablets and thus does not offer any amazing features. It is a simple pen that allows you to accurately draw, scribble and take handwritten notes. The pencil is great if you have use cases for drawing but I haven’t found myself using it much while using my tablet otherwise. The good thing is that it can simply be attached magnetically to the top of the Realme Pad X and it will charge without the need for a separate port or cable. Pretty cool for a tablet at this price point.


Realme Pad X comes with Realme UI 3.0 running Android 12 and surprisingly you get some pre-installed apps here. We have already mentioned useful multitasking tools for splitting the screen and implementing floating windows and those tools are very good to use and support most of the applications without issues.

realme pad x, realme pad x review, realme pad x sale Realme UI brings some neat features here, allowing you to multitask with the help of split screen display and floating windows. (Photo Credit: Chetan Nayak/The Indian Express)

Realme also has a new screen casting feature that not only allows users to project the Realme phone screen to one side of the tablet. You can then access this default view of the phone to use the phone itself directly. In this mode, you can also use drag and drop to quickly transfer files to the mobile device from the tablet. This is a totally cool feature. However, the downside is that this only works with select Realme smartphones like the GT series. Since I don’t have one of these phones at the moment, I wasn’t able to test the feature myself.

Realme Pad X: what’s not good?

For the asking price, Realme Pad X doesn’t miss much and while it does have some software optimizations, it needs to work on them for smoother animations and transitions, especially while multitasking. This is a balanced disc in another way. If I were to, I’d say the AMOLED display here would have made this deal even sweeter.

One of the improvements I wanted while using the tablet was the multiple stand levels in the Realme Smart Keyboard case. You can only connect the tablet and keyboard at a certain angle at the moment and you can’t tilt the screen up or down to your liking like you can on a laptop. Two or three levels of standing here would have been neat.

Verdict: Is Realme Pad X right for you?

If you are looking for a well-performing tablet under Rs 20,000 that checks most if not all of the checkboxes, the Realme Pad X is a solid recommendation. It is a more powerful tablet than others in this segment, and although it cannot fully compete in terms of massive performance with high-end tablets like the new Xiaomi Pad 5, it is at a much lower price and also gets an edge with 5G support. Realme Pad X is currently the tablet to beat under Rs 20,000.

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