Ravi Shastri Memes on Twitter After Quirky New Look Prove He’s the Moment

Ravi Shastri just put on a new coat and created a rave on Twitter. The former cricketer tweeted some pictures of him wearing colorful jackets and sunglasses, with some catchy comments like, “Good morning” optional if you don’t sleep at all”, “My family lives in Mumbai and I live at the moment” and “You are in her DMs . She’s on my VIP guest list.” Follow the tweets with “Mujhe kya mein toh chill hun” and the AMA session soon after. The new look and tweets surprised everyone, and of course, the memes were created.

The quirky side of Ravi Shastri has been entertaining on Twitter lately. During the AMA, a fan shared a drawing he drew of the cricket star. “Sir 2 ghante lagake apka ye sketch banaya hai… please reply,” the fan wrote, which loosely translates to “Sir I spent 2 hours drawing this, please reply.” Shastri replied, in terms of character, “Please Metta Di Yar.” He also said hi to the Twitter user’s mom during the session.

Recently, Shastri had some fun back and forth with actor Aamir Khan. Aamir expressed his disappointment with Ravi Shastri’s judgment on his cricketing skills. The actor had previously contacted Ravi in ​​the hope of being selected in one of the Indian Premier League (IPL). However, the cricketer said that Aamir needs to focus more on his leg.

In response to his remarks, Aamir made a funny video to show his leg work. “Ravi, I’m a little disappointed you didn’t like my leg movement. You probably didn’t watch Lagan. Don’t watch him again. Any team would be lucky for me. Recommend me correctly. It will be fun. It’s going to be fun,” Aamir said rudely in the video showing off his ‘leg work’ Foot movement correctly, look at this.

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