Raveena Tandon responds to troll, reveals she got ‘physically harassed, pinched’ in buses till 1991

The sworn-in Chief Minister of Maharashtra Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis announced earlier this week that the controversial metro hut would be returning to Mumbai’s Ari colony. In response to the news, Raveena Tandon reiterated her previous position that the wildlife and flora of the area must be protected at all costs. However, her tweet has attracted criticism. One person called Raveena Tandon “Shameless” for apparently violating the decision to move the shed to the forest area, after it had been moved by the Udhav Thackeray government.

“Do you know the elite @deespeakTandonRaveena @zoru75 the struggle of the middle class Mumbaikars?” The person asked her. In response, Ravina wrote, “Uptil 1991, I traveled like this. Being a girl who was physically harassed by anonymous trolls like you. Before I started working, I saw success and got my first car. Troll J. Nagpur Ki Ho, Hara Bhara City Hai Aap Ka .Good luck. Don’t be jealous of anyone for their success or their earnings.”

In a series of tweets, she added, “Everyone’s life is not a bed of roses @SunainaHoley ji. Everyone has struggled to get somewhere. I’m sure you have a house/car too. When heat waves/floods/natural disasters hit, they will affect the average human being first. It will be Elites are the first to escape to their Swiss chalet All development is welcomeSunainaHoley ji All we ask is to do more to make up for environmental loss/protect wildlife India, today, prides itself on increasing tiger population, but due to depleted forests, The roads/railways are killing leopards and tigers are increasing. I am sure SuninaHoley ji,Our government will do its best to know everyone’s interest, safety and comfort, and will take the right decision and actions. I hope for a bright future for all of our children, your children, your children, and every one of us, this ban-loving planet plastic sari.”

Another user on Twitter quickly posted a video of a local train and asked Ravenna when was the last time she traveled via the local train. In response, Raveena responded that as a teenager, she was traveling on buses and trains and was harassed. “Teenagers, traveled on locals/buses, nuisances, tweaks, and everything most women go through, got my first car in 92. Development is welcome, we have to take responsibility, not just a project, but wherever we cut through the woods , to protect the environment/wildlife,” she wrote.

Two years ago, Raveena and many other Bollywood celebrities opposed cutting down hundreds of trees at Mumbai’s Aarey Colony for a metro project.

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