Ranveer Vs Wild With Bear Grylls trailer: Ranveer Singh gets chased by bears | Web Series

Netflix on Friday, June 10, released the trailer for Ranveer Vs Wild With Bear Grills, an interactive adventure-based show. The trailer showed Ranveer Singh being chased by bears in the forest and learning how to live with adventurer Bears Grills. . Read More | Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor engage in some romance, giving each other new nicknames: ‘You’re a biscuit to my Nutella’

Netflix India and Ranveer Singh shared the video in a joint post on their Instagram account, “Jungle May Mangal! Ranveer VS Wild, interactive special coming soon.” The video began with Ranveer gasping and choking with a fierce expression on his face. The next clip shows him chasing a bear.

In the interactive special, the video shows that viewers have the opportunity to make some decisions for Ranveer. Ranveer was seen pretending to be dead, but the bear examined him in half of the frame and danced in the second. The choices, read ‘Play Dead’ and ‘Dance for the Bears’. The next scene offered a choice between a grappling gun and a flair. Ranveer then said, “Save me by pressing the button.”

Bear Grylls also appeared in the video on Zipline, saying, “Ranveer is going to be full of adventure.” As Ranveer looks at his departure, he says, “Arre bhaiyya ye pagla do nikal gaya, hum kaise jayenge (this man is out but how are we going)”. Then they use the zipline itself. The last scene shows him playing dead with a bear beside him.

The Netflix special also marks Ranveer’s OTT debut. It was reported that he traveled to Serbia in July 2021 to shoot a show with Bear Grylls. The actor was last seen on screen in Jayeshbhai Jordan. He has circus and rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani, among other projects in his pipeline.

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