Ranveer Singh’s Emergence as a Live Wire Entertainer, From Band Baaja Baraat to Jayeshbhai Jordaar

With Jayeshbhai Jordaar out this weekend in the cinemas, this is Ranveer’s Singh second outing within a span of 5 months. He bowled over everyone with his Kapil Dev Avatar in 83, that opened in December last year. He became Kapil Dev and made us forget that it was the same actor who’s we saw firing bullets in the Rohit Shetty’s Sooryavanshi few weeks before 83.

The Brightest Star

Remember that brightest kid in the class who came all prepared on the day of exam and was seen joking when we all were worried about the big test? Well, Ranveer Singh is that student who over-prepares for each of his roles and likes to have fun on the sets.

Method to the madness0

He has this discerning quality of selecting the scripts that he decides to work on and then he goes all guns blazing with his preparation. Be it his first film where he spent time with the students of Delhi University for this debut film Band Baajaa Baraat. His character actually was from Sahahranpur (Uttar Pradesh) who did want to go back to his family and wanted to settle in Delhi. He became the Bittoo Sharma of Delhi and for a long time the world though he was this Delhi Boy.

“I over-prepare more just to cope with nerves maybe. I don’t know, I prepare a lot and I do a lot of homework and then I will invariably end up in the first three days, seven days doing too much, most of them are trappings, you can’t sustain for the entire performance. So then when it finally hits, you are like, ok, I should cut this, and I don’t need to do this, and then you stick to only what works,” Ranveer said.

It was visionary filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali who changed Ranveer’s approach towards his craft and perception towards the story when they collaborated on 2013’s blockbuster RamLeela. Ranveer has admitted that Bhansali threw him in the deep end and taught him a big lesson.

“In my initial years, I got this feedback from Maneesh Sharma and Vikramaditya Motwane, they were like, brother you were too rigid in your ways, I don’t know why you are preparing so much, you are preparing to a point where you are becoming rigid and it’s become hard for us to undo, what you’ve thought about how to play this. But I completely changed I think after RamLeela. Bhansali will throw you in the deep end, so you either adapt, sink or swim. So, after that I think I’ve come to believe now, that the best performances are the ones that happen spontaneously. You know when you only have to say what you have to say once and you don’t think it can get better than that one time,” said Ranveer.


With his eye on that revolving fish, Ranveer Singh could easily be called the Arjuna of this Mahabharata called Bollywood, who only believes in perfection. In Padmaavat, he vanished into the of character Alauddin Khilji, he went into an abyss while prepping for the film. He isolated himself for close to three weeks and he vanished into his becoming the ruler of Delhi Sultanate. Ranveer also revealed on our Bollywood Roundtable how this character of Khilji grew on him.

“I started feeling like this venom towards the people and it scares me because I am not like that at all. But you don’t know when the lines blur if when are you deep down that rabbit hole,” he said.

Making a statement

One just needs to make a collage of his red carpet looks, his quirky style will inspire many stories and ad campaigns. One has seen Ranveer’s golden outfit to him dressing as a Hindi film hero of the ’70s or to multi-coloured attire which also reflects his creative mind but at heart is someone who’s born to entertain.

“I am a certain way, at least in terms of people perception some people are like, oh wow, look what a joie de vivre, what a gregarious, colorful personality and other people are like oh loud, he’s brash, he is this, he’s that, tacky, he’s a joker, fool whatever but it shouldn’t affect my own honesty. I’ve been honest to the fact that I am an entertainer, is what I believe in, is what my purpose in this life to entertain people and I’ve been honest to that so I have got nothing to worry about,” he said.

Be Cool!

Be it dancing at Linking Road to promote Hirhtik Roshan’s Bang Bang, matching steps with Alia Bhatt for Gangubai Kathiawadi to doing a blink-and-miss cameo in Finding Fanny. This kalakar only wants to entertain, this live wire of a performer who’s often been spotted with his music speaker in his hands believes that we are here in his world for a limited period and let me spread happiness by hugging, cheering people. But deep down he is this simple Bombay kid who doesn’t mind standing in a queue to vote or talking to an aspiring actor at his society gym. He’s that firecracker who spreads his charm, one just has to see his TV commercial, especially his Happy from MakeMyTrip ads, that deserves a series about the adventures of Happy (Ranveer Singh) and Pinky (Alia Bhatt).

‘Dont Angry Me’

If you pay a close attention to his performances, he adds a bit of his own personality to each of his character, especially while expressing anger. Be it how Kabir from Dil Dhadkne Do shows his unhappiness to his sister when he finds out his parents tried to manipulate him, to the civilized anger of Murad from Gully Boy who puts across his point when he says “Koi Doosra Mere Ko Batayega Main Kaun Hai”. He does it without shouting while answering Vijay Raaz’s character who asks his son, ‘Kaun hai Tu’, when both father and son have an argument about Murad’s career.

While Ranveer has been saying in his recent interviews that now he has this bank of various emotions that he has collected over the years, but we are hoping that this true-blue entertainer will not settle with anything which he has done before and will keep surprising the world with something new each time.

Expectations are High

After delivering a World Cup winning performance, fans across the world are keen to see how this Bandra Boy will match the expectations of his fans who now waiting for Ranveer to serve them with something so refreshing that they will forget his last delicious performance.

Ranveer Vs Ranveer

The first poster of Rohit Shetty’s Cirkus has skyrocketed the expectations. One Ranveer Singh is not enough for the festive season. He hasn’t done a double role, so this year we are hoping to see him dazzle the big screen with his new charade. He confessed in 2019 on our Bollywood Roundtable that he would like to do a slick actioner, which will be very James Bond-esque in its look and feel. We for now look forward to his latest outing Jayeshbhai Jordaar.

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