Ranveer Singh poses with fans in Cannes, flies back to Mumbai after spending time with Deepika Padukone

Ranveer Singh recently visited Deepika Padukone, who is currently attending the ongoing 75th Cannes Film Festival. The actor, who seemed to have a great time with Deepika, is now back in Mumbai. On Tuesday evening, he was seen leaving Mumbai airport in an all-orange outfit, which he wore with a bucket hat and white shoes. Ranveer traveled to Cannes after Deepika posted a picture of her in a red dress. Once Deepika shared stunning photos of herself, lovable Ranveer wrote, “Okay! That’s it! I’m on a trip.” In an interview with Film Companion, Deepika—who is on the jury for Cannes this year—revealed that Ranveer traveled to meet her and is having a great time at Cannes.

Deepika also revealed that the couple usually plans two holidays a year – one in June and July and the other by the end of the year. From now on, they will love to visit Cannes to celebrate the movies as the two consider themselves absolute cinema buffs.

earlier this week, Ranveer and Deepika They were seen having a great time with Rebecca Hall. Now, a new batch of photos have surfaced on social media platforms where Ranveer was seen with some of his fans. In another picture, Ranveer and Deepika are seen laughing out loud.

One of Ranveer’s looks in Cannes caught the attention of his fans. The actor was seen walking around wearing a white jacket, which he wore with shorts. One fan, commenting on the look, wrote, “Only he can do it while the wife is busy looking at the queen.”

Meanwhile, Deepika Padukone is busy with jury duties at Cannes 2022. The actress, along with others, will select the Palme d’Or winners at the end of the festival. On Tuesday, Deepika treated fans to her new red carpet looks. The actor attended the premiere of The Innocent. She also attended the celebration dinner for the 75th anniversary of the festival.

In her ‘Film Companion’ conversation, Deepika described her experience at Cannes as a ‘film school fused with magic’. She was asked how Indian filmmakers could aim for their films to be shown at the festival or whether it was worth achieving that goal. In response, Deepika said, “If you had asked me this question prior to this experience, I would have said that maybe this is the kind of content we create. I am convinced that it has something to do with the selection process. I have watched the films and thought but why can’t this film be here? ? I’m not talking about winning because that’s secondary. But I’m starting to get convinced that it has a lot to do with the selection process because a lot of our films deserve to be here.”

deepika Deepika Padukone poses for photographers as they arrive to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival and the premiere of The Innocents at the 75th International Film Festival. (Associated Press/Daniel Cole)
deepika Deepika Padukone at the 75th Anniversary Gala Dinner at the Cannes International Film Festival. (Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)

“I want our writers, filmmakers, and actors to know that we’re absolutely right,” she added.

This year, Delhi-based filmmaker Chunak Sen’s documentary is screened at the festival, which ends on May 28.

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