Ranchi University to Offer Diploma in Cyber Security, Conduct Research in CyberSpace

Ranchi University has teamed up with the Institute of Electronics and Communications Engineers (IETE) and the Electronic Peace Foundation to work together on cyberspace research, policy, and advocacy among other facilities. The university will also provide CyberSpace research and diploma courses in cybersecurity as well as entrepreneurship.

While the IETE and CyberPeace Foundation will be responsible for providing technical guidance for the programme, Ranchi University will be responsible for infrastructure support including faculty support and the development of a research laboratory for this cause.

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Effective collaboration as of May 19, will encourage research in cyber peace, cyber security, cyber defense, Internet architecture, and governance. “With the shortage of skilled manpower in the field of cyber security defense, the cooperation aims to start new forces in the respective areas and provide technical training to enhance skills in the said field,” the official press release read.

Some of the planned activities include direct project, CyberPeace Quick Response Team (CQRT), detection of UPI scams, phishing content, scam mobile app, issuance of threat advisory against real-time cyberthreats, global and national cybersecurity hackathon, Training opportunities, testimonials and updates on events and activities, and the CyberPeace Club.

Vice-Chancellor of Ranchi University, Dr. Kamini Kumar and her team commented, “Our initiative in collaboration with the Electronic Peace Foundation and IETE here is to increase employment opportunities for our students and raise awareness for our teachers. We have already taught topics like Network Security, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, etc. From During this collaboration, we intend to impart practical skills to the students. We will provide the framework for the courses and the e-Peace Foundation will develop it. This will be taught upon approval as a 6-month course or a one-year diploma.”

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On this occasion, K.K. Thakur, President of IETE, Ranchi, CGMT (Retd), BSNL said: “This MoU with Ranchi University will indeed be a milestone for us as Jharkhand is already dealing with a lot of cybercrime. This step is being taken to educate the people and the younger generation. And police, teachers and netizens. We hope there will be a lot of cyber training and this center of excellence will work in that direction. We will have good courses for our students. There are a lot of job opportunities in this field and this will really be a boon to our state.”

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