Ranbir Kapoor ignored Aamir Khan’s advice on becoming an actor: ‘I thought, ye kya bol raha hai’

Actor Ranbir Kapoor, who is all set to be on the silver screen after four long years with him smasherEven before he became an actor, he got golden advice from his great Aamir Khan. But, Kapoor ignored the advice then, and now he regrets it.

During a recent interaction with actor and broadcaster Prajakta Kohli, Ranbir shared that Aamir told him to travel through India by bus and train before getting into acting. He shared, “Before I became an actor, Aamir Khan told me,” Before you become an actor, pack your bags and travel across India. Travel by bus, train and go to small towns. Most of us who have grown up in luxury and privilege, do not know our country and its diverse culture.”

But Ranbir didn’t take it Amer Seriously advice. The actor added, “It was such a great lesson that he was trying to give it to me, but I didn’t take it because then I thought, ‘Hey Kia Paul rest hai.'”

With his past 15 experience in the film industry and that of his late father Rishi Kapoor, Ranbir has learned that one should maintain friendship and work separately. For this reason, on a movie set, he does not communicate with others and prefers to be “recluse”.

“I’ve always been lonely. When I work, I just work and not social and I like to be apart while I work. It’s necessary to separate work and friendship. I’ve seen it myself, I’ve seen it with my parents, when we think, “You Mera Dost Hai, Esky Lee Kar Lit Hin Movie” (He’s my boyfriend, let’s make a movie of him), that just breaks the friendship. So, it is important to differentiate between work and friendship.”

Ranbir is writing a double role in Shamshera. Action drama is also from the stars Sanjay Dutt As the villain who is the number one villain in Ranbir’s career, alongside Karan Johar. Speaking of Dutt being a villain for his hero in Shamshira, Ranbir said, “I have never had a villain in my career, except for Karan Johar in Bombay Velvet. Most of my villain has been myself since I have been on these journeys of self-discovery. So, to have you finally Wicked and this too like Sanjay Dutt was like a dream come true.”

2015’s Bombay Velvet was promoted as one of the most ambitious films in Bollywood, but turned out to be a box office deficit. KJo played the villain in the movie.

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