Ranbir Kapoor: ’I always wanted to be an aspirational hero’

Ranbir Kapoor leaves behind ‘Little Boy Stories’ and adult films to be the perfect Hindi film hero in Karan Malhotra’s Shamshera. The actor says that while he’s always wanted to play the aspiring hero, he’s stuck playing “relatable roles” more than he liked.

When asked why he is now choosing more blockbusters, Ranbir told Indianexpress.com, “I think it was a natural progression. I had to leave relatable roles behind. I did these roles because I was of a certain age and had the opportunity to play those roles. But Andar se I’ve always wanted to play the hero and I don’t think I’ve played the hero yet. I’ve played relatable roles, not ambitious ones. So, there was no thought when Shamshira offered me.”

“Regardless of the fun of playing the hero, it’s a great script again as much as Barfi or Sanju. It catered to a larger audience. It had a bunch of emotions, amazing characters and some amazing action sequences. This was bigger than a life movie,” the actor added.

“Aside from the fun of playing the hero, the approach was good, but it’s a great script again, as far as Barfi or Sanju, the Sanjay Dutt biopic that I did. This was a great script that also serves a larger audience. It had a range of emotions, amazing characters. and some amazing action sequences, it’s a big ticket bigger than a life movie,” he adds.

in the movie, Ranbir KapoorShamshira and Bali face Sanjay Dutt Daruja Shodeh Singh. Ranbir had earlier admitted that he used to have a poster of Sanjay in the room, and aspires to be an actor like him in his growing up years. When Ranbir was asked about the things he internalized while working with Sanjay, he said, “A lot. Forget professionally. I personally saw how brave he was. The feelings he has experienced in his life and how he navigated them. He is an inspiration to the whole world. It is an honor and a privilege to know him personally, and that I make him care about me. It’s a huge privilege. For everyone, Sanjay Dutt is the perfect cool rock star that we all grew up admiring. We keep admiring him and want to see him on screen. So, I just waved it. I am so grateful and lucky to have had the opportunity to work With Sanjay Dutt”.

Ranbir Kapoor in 2022 is totally different as an actor and as a person. But the actor assures that he is the same person, who now has different experiences in his life and career. He said, “I am the same person I was when you actually first met me. But this year has brought me so much joy and I am so grateful for that. I have two very special films coming out. I got married this year and am going to be a father soon, so I have great gratitude in my heart. I hope.” To be able to meet people’s expectations of me as an actor. I hope to give them good entertainment. That has always been the intention and always will be the reason why I make films.”

On a watering note, when Ranbir was asked about some of the hard lessons he had learned in his fifteen year career, he said, “I think that beyond the work I do, the search and intent is to always be a good person and better myself as a human being. Be kinder. And be more caring, be more loving. I think that’s very important to me at this point. That in and of itself will make you a good artist, a good actor, and a good creative person.”

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