Rajya Sabha polls: Voting underway in Karnataka, tight contest for 4th seat

Voting in Rajya Sabha polls for four seats from Karnataka takes place on Friday, with suspense continuing over the result of the fourth seat, which the three political parties are vying for, despite none of them garnering enough votes to win it.

Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) are the voters in this election.

Polling, which began at 9 am, will continue until 4 pm, and the counting of votes will take place at 5 pm, after polling hours.

Six candidates are competing in the Rajya Sabha elections from the state, necessitating a contest for the fourth seat.

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Despite not having enough votes to win the fourth seat of the state assembly, all three political parties – BJP, Congress and Dinhar Devic – put forward candidates for the seat, forcing them to hold elections.

The six candidates in the race for Rajya Sabha polls from the state are – Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Political Representative Jagish, Outgoing Representative Lihar Singh Siroya of the BJP, former Union Minister Jiram Ramesh and State Secretary General Mansur Ali Khan of the BJP. Congress, former Rep. Dr. Kopendra Reddy of JD (Q).

Sitharaman and Ramesh are seeking re-election to the Senate for consecutive terms of the state.

The candidate needs the support of 45 MLAs to win and based on his strength in the Legislative Assembly, the BJP can win two seats and the House of Congress.

After two Rajya Sabha candidates (Sitharaman and Jagish) are elected on the basis of their strength in the assembly, the BJP will get 32 ​​additional AML votes.

Congress will get 25 MLA votes after Jeram Ramesh is elected, while JD(S) has only 32 MLA votes, not enough to win a seat.

The fight for the fourth seat will see direct competition between Serowa (BJP), Khan (Congress) and Reddy (JDS).

While Siroya and Reddy lack votes from 13 MLAs each, Khan will need 20.

Since these elections have an open polling system, each MLA voter (voter) will have to show their ballot paper to their designated party agents after choosing their preference.

As per the sources, BJP has appointed its National General Secretary and MLA CT Ravi as its agent while the state Congress President DK Shivakumar himself is likely to take charge and senior JD(S) leader HD Revanna (Older brother of Deve Gowda) will do the work for his party.

Fearing cross-voting, the three political parties issued whips, telling their MLAs to vote for their candidates.

Concern about ensuring their numbers do not change and there is no greater cross-vote for the Dinar(S) the party last night converted the MLAs into a city hotel. Kolar MLA K Srinivas Gowda has already announced that he will vote for the convention’s candidate.

The JD(S) party fears a repeat of the 2016 Rajya Sabha polls, when eight rebel MLAs voted against its official candidate and backed the Congress. Most of these rebels managed to get Congress tickets for the 2018 assembly elections. There are reports that some MLAs are in contact with the BJP.

D Kupendra Reddy (Facebook / D Kupendra Reddy)

Although the leadership of the JD(S) party attempted to reach out to four to five disgruntled lawmakers, who had kept their distance from the party for some time, some of them are said to have not attended last night’s Legislative Assembly meeting, causing concern. In regional attire.

Confident of winning the three seats it is contesting, the ruling BJP has made final efforts to ensure all its votes are safe and get properly cast, by conducting a mock voting exercise. They also held a legislative party meeting before the elections.

Whereas, a dramatic turn of events occurred in the opposition camp, as top congressional leaders and the JD(S) tried to get the MLAs out of each other until the last minute, with talks between them to forge some kind of formal understanding reaching a stalemate, with both sides holding fast to their position.

JD(S) party leader HD Kumaraswamy made an offer to share second-preference votes with Congress and “start over” by forgetting the past between the two political parties, but the big old party made it clear to the regional party that it was now time to return the favor, noting that the former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda was elected to the RS membership last time with her support in June 2020.

A day before the poll, Congressional Legislative Party leader Siddharamaya on Thursday wrote an open letter to JD(S) MLAs asking them to cast a “vote of conscience” for his party’s second candidate, Khan, stating that his victory would amount to a win. The victory of the “secular ideology” pursued by both parties.

While Coomaraswamy strongly urged the Congress to support his party’s candidate – Reddy – to strengthen “secular forces”, Siddharramayah was accused of helping the BJP win, by defeating JD.

For its part, the ruling party assigned three ministers – R Ashoka, F. Sunil Kumar, and PC Nagesh – supervising the voting process. According to party sources, the Anti-Money Laundering Law will cast its votes in three batches in favor of the candidates appointed for them.

It is necessary to hold the elections for the four seats in the Rajya Sabha as the term of membership of the members is due to expire – Nirmala Sitharaman and K. C Ramamurthy of the BJP and Jeram Ramesh – on June 30.

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