Rajinder Nagar votes after hectic campaign

Sub-standard water supply and road infrastructure issues were among the issues dominating the minds of Rajinder Nagar residents who attended to vote in People’s District on Thursday.

Several people have complained that the water situation in the area has not improved even though Raghav Chadha, who was the Vice Chairman of the Delhi Board of Directors until March, has been toured in the capacity of the MLA. We want a local candidate so we can convey our grievances to him. “We have seen how the last MLA has been absent from the constituency most of the time,” said Arti Arora, a resident of Old Rajinder Nagar.

For Sushma Jaidka, also of Old Rajinder Nagar, the main problems were the poor condition of the roads and irregular water supply.

Mina, another resident who has lived in the area for 40 years, echoed Sushma’s demands: “In the past 15-20 days, water provision has been a big problem. Whoever wins should be able to do some good work for us and make sure that the water supply and electricity are provided. Regularly “.

“There is a problem with the water supply, but people think it is better to give the ruling party another chance because they have more resources at their disposal,” said Vinod Kumar, a resident of Indeburi.

In Narayana village, Kuldeep Tanwar said water and sewage problems and a closed pedestrian bridge were major problems. “There are several corridors that water does not reach at all,” he said.

BJP MP Gautam Gambhir after casting their votes. (Express Photo)

In the jhuggi jhopri groups, there was overwhelming support for AAP. There could be improvements like more toilets, but residents are happy with the free electricity scheme and free bus rides for women, said Nabila Hussain, who lives in Jogi. “We save a lot of money through free electricity and transportation,” she said.

In the constituency, the competition was mainly between AAP and BJP. Congress was largely missing, and the absence of its volunteers from many polling stations was palpable.

The seat became vacant after Chaddha of the AAP was elected to the Rajya Sabha of Punjab. While the AAP has fielded its own MCD official Durgesh Pathak, he is facing off against former BJP Council member Rajesh Bhatia and former Congressional counsel Prem Lata. Chadda and a BJP lawmaker in east Delhi, Gautam Gambhir, were seen casting their ballots on Thursday.

MP Raghav Chadda after casting his vote. (Express Photo)

The number of voters in the constituency is more than 1.64 lakh, of whom 92,221 are male, 72,473 are female, and four are classified as “third gender”. There are 1,899 voters between the ages of 18-19 who are eligible to vote for the first time in the district.

However, voter turnout was low at 43.75%.

There were a total of 190 polling stations, including 13 auxiliary stations, set up in 21 locations, equipped with all facilities such as drinking water, ramps, sign language, Braille, nurseries for mothers if they came to vote with their children, etc. .

Results will be announced on June 26th.

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