Rajasthan: BJP accuses Congress govt of cheating farmers

Bharatiya Janata State President Satish Punia on Monday accused the Congress government of deceiving farmers in the name of forfeiting farm loan.

“The state congress government cheats and betrays farmers in the name of waiving farm loans and auctioning land. On the other hand, the BJP-led central government will give Prime Minister Kisan Saman Nidhi to the farmers of the country,” Bunya said, addressing a farmers meeting in Dodo in the district Jaipur.

Punya said the Narendra Modi government at the center is making young people self-reliant through skills development and start-ups.

But he added that the Rajasthan government does not even provide unemployment allowance for the youth of the state.

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Bonya also claimed that the congressional government shelters paper-leak gangs and that the future of students preparing for competitive exams is still in the dark.

Deputy Opposition Leader of Rajasthan Assembly, Rajendra Rathore said that under the rule of Congress government there have been atrocities against women, power cuts, mistreatment of farmers and leakage of papers.

He said people should pledge that they will help the BJP win the 2023 House of Representatives elections by an overwhelming majority.

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