Raja Chaudhary says daughter Palak Tiwari is too busy to meet him, wants Shweta Tiwari to talk out the differences: ‘Why do you want to..”

Actor Raja Chowdhury who became famous after his stint on the reality TV show Bigg Boss 2, was He was earlier married to actor Shweta Tiwari He is now engaged in a divorce case with his second wife, Shvita Sood. Shraddha Sharma’s ex-girlfriend accused him of alcoholism and his daughter Palak Tiwari had no time to meet him. Raja says he is “emotionally hurting with everyone he knows” and is a “heartbroken” person.

In a recent interview with ETimes, Raja admitted that he has a drinking problem and is trying to overcome it with the help of doctors. But he was not able to fight it because, according to his doctors, he was “on a vicious circle”. He also said his parents refused to live with him and took him back to Mumbai because they believed he “belongs” there and “don’t trust me”.

He also brought back again to the times when Shweta Tiwari broke up with him. He remembers being in the news after Shweta accused him of domestic violence. “One day, the beautiful news channels started talking about a famous girl and boy. What happened next was that the boy became more popular after he entered Bigg Boss. But he was a regular person from a village background. I am not what I portray. I am not a bad person,” he said. .

Raja said he is no longer in contact with Shweta Tiwari but has a problem with that. He asked, “Why can’t you talk about her? Why do you want to take everything with you?”

Shweta Tiwari and Raja Choudhury married in 1998. They officially separated in 2012. In 2021, He met his daughter Palak after thirteen years. He last saw her when she was a child. But now she is busy with work and they have not met for some time. He said, “Send her a message or email her and I’m waiting for her response. I don’t get a chance to meet her. She may be too busy or she may be ignoring me.” However, Raja does not mind it as he remembers that he did not have time for his parents in his younger days.

Palak Tiwari is preparing to make her Bollywood debut with Rosie: The Saffron Chapter, a mystery thriller financed by Vivek Anand Oberoi, Girish Johar, Kussum Arora, Reshabh D Saraf, Keyur Pandya and Sanjeet S. Yermal.

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