Rainfall ends 80-day dry spell in city, brings down mercury

Bringing a much-needed break from the burning heat, rain with windy winds broke an 80-day long dry spell on Monday.

The city received very little (0.8 mm) rain in March, but no rainfall in April. Showers and winds blowing at speeds of 50 to 60 kilometers per hour brought the city’s maximum temperature to 41.2 ° C, which was recorded at 30.5 ° C on Sunday at 41.2 ° C. If the maximum temperature drops to 10.7 degrees, the minimum temperature drops to about eight degrees and is settled at 18.4 ° C.

Pawneet Kaur, head of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) climate change department and agro-meteorological department, said that there was 17.6 mm of rainfall in the city on Monday. The city normally receives an average of 23.3 mm of rain in May. “Expect strong winds to blow through the city on Tuesday with rain and dust storms.”

Rain with midnight thunderstorms

With strong winds announcing the arrival of rain with midnight thunderstorms, the rain started around 1pm. When the rain brought a break from the heat, it became a power failure in several areas.

“High-speed winds knocked down some trees. Kirpal Singh, who is in charge of the Municipal Corporation (MC) horticulture division, said there had been no reports of a whiplash.

In the city of Sham, the eucalyptus tree falls on the road leading to the bus stop. No injuries or damages were reported. The rain caused commuters to water as the water accumulated in the newly built underpass linking the Model Town extension to the Sacred Heart Convent School in the city and near the Varca Milk Plant.

Orange Alert Issued

Meanwhile, the department has issued an Orange Alert, forecasting “very heavy rainfall in the region”. Farmers are advised to discontinue farming activities and residents are advised not to travel as high-speed winds may bring down trees.

After the PAU rains forecast on May 23 and 24, PAU experts had advised farmers who are preparing for sowing directly on Sunday to suspend sowing for a couple of days to avoid crop damage.

Residents are happy

Residents were found to be more used to weather conditions. Residents gathered in the markets to observe children playing in puddles and parks around the city. Civil Lines resident Swati Kapoor said, “The temperature in the city has been around 40 ° C for the past two months and we are not sending our children to play outside. Fortunately, the temperature is low, allowing children to play outdoors.

The elderly who sat in the house in the scorching heat let out a sigh of relief. Speaking of 70-year-old Tilak Rani, we are unable to get out of the house due to the heat of the day. Now, we can finally enjoy a long walk as the sky is cloudy.

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