Rain disrupts power supply for hours in Noida, Greater Noida

Noida and Greater Noida experienced power cuts for five hours after heavy rains on Monday.

Residents in several pockets of Noida and Greater Noida reported power cuts at 4am, which was restored five hours later at 9am.

“We had been in the dark for hours on Monday, which left two members of my family in a state of distress.

Yogendar Sharma, President of Federation of Noida RWA, said, “Almost all sectors of Noida reported power cuts at 4 am. In some sectors such as 28, 48, 15, 37, 50 and 45, power was restored by 9am, while in many other zones – 82, 71, 61 and 59 – power was restored around noon.

Sharma assured the residents that PVVNL (WestManchal Electricity Vitran Nigam Limited) officials would soon resolve all power issues.

Vivendra Nath Singh, chief engineer of PVVNL’s Noida Zone, said power supply was affected in all areas of the city. The power supply was cut off as early as 4.30 am. A few hours later the power was connected. According to the protocol, the authorities should conduct a survey to check for faults before restoring all power lines and substations. The exercise took about four to five hours. In some cases the power poles have collapsed and there has been a power failure.

However, residents of Sector 92 reported power cuts for 14 hours. “The power cuts started around 5am and have not been restored at 7pm. Some members of my family work from home and they have a hard time leaving laptops and mobile phones at no charge, ”said SK Jain, a resident of the sector.

The power supply has been affected due to a power outage in the area, the line at a 33 kV substation said.

Greater Noida has also experienced power outages, and zones such as 36, 37, Pi3, UPSIDC Site-C residential areas and Greater Noida West have all been affected.

“Every time it rains, the city suffers from darkness. On Monday, the spray lasted about three hours but we remained without electricity for more than six hours, ”said Greater Noida resident Harinder Bhati.

Saranath Ganguly, Vice President, Noida Power Company Limited, said, “There has been a breakdown in power stations and around 5 am there was a change in supply. Trees are damaged and the power lines in the area are affected. However, in 90% of areas the power was restored by 9 am and in some areas the power was restored by noon.

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