Railway employee crawls under train stuck on bridge to fix air-leakage issue, wins hearts

Netizens have praised Loco’s co-pilot, known as Ganesh Ghosh, for bravely crawling under a train stuck on a bridge to fix an air leak. The train resumed its journey after Gosh resolved the problem. clip The Ministry of Railways shared Ghosh’s brave act on Twitter on Monday.

The clip showed Ghosh crawling under the train. He heard a man urging him to be careful. One of the passengers looked at him with admiration after crawling out from under the train. Meanwhile, water could be seen flowing rapidly under the bridge.

The Ministry of Railways appreciated Ghosh “for his exemplary display of courage.” Railsevaks is committed to serving its passengers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An exemplary show of bravery by Ganesh Ghosh, ALP who crawled under buses of a train stopped on a bridge and fixed an air leak that helped restart the journey,” the Ministry of Railways tweeted.

While many users praised the local pilot for his efforts, others raised the need to improve rail infrastructure.

One social media user commented, “This shouldn’t be necessary. RailMinIndia, this is not a matter of pride. Perspective needs calibration. First, get the coaches to have no holes, but sewage tanks. And award service and maintenance bids based on passenger ratings and not L1 price.

Another user wrote, “Hats off to the workmanship and dedication of the railway workers. They are working around the clock to serve and help the nation grow.”

Two days ago, the Ministry of Railways published a video that showed a member of the railway protection force dragging an elderly woman onto the sidewalk. Just seconds before a train rushes in front of them. The woman was trying to cross the bars and the RPF officer got praise online for saving the lady.

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