Rahul Gandhi says ‘PM doesn’t listen’; slams BJP, RSS with ‘Sone ki Chidiya’ dig | Latest News India

At the ‘Ideas for India’ convention in London, Rahul Gandhi held a protest against the ruling BJP government.

Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that India cannot be a country where people are not allowed to speak. The PM should have the attitude of ‘I want to hear’. And from there everything flows down. But our PM is not listening. You cannot have a country where you are not allowed to speak… and a PMO that cannot speak freely, ”the former Congress chief said at the ‘Ideas for India’ conference in London.

During the debate, he did not even give the BJP and the RSS the opportunity to conduct firearms training. “We believe that India is a dialogue between its people; BJP and RSS believe that India is geographical; It is a ‘Sonne Ki ChidiaWe believe that according to karma, their benefits should be shared by some, whether you are Dalit or Brahmin. That’s a real conflict, ”the 51-year-old leader said.

During the London event, Gandhi said that India’s democracy was a “central basis” for the planet. “Democracy in India is a global public good. This is the central basis for the planet. Because we are the only ones who have exercised democracy on the scale we have. If it is cracked it will hurt the planet. And the United States is realizing it, ”Gandhi said.

“What is happening today is a systematic attack on organizations that allow them to have conversations. There is an attack on the Constitution; As a result, the states of India will be able to negotiate longer, ”he said, attacking the ruling government.

His remarks at the London conference – a week after the Congress completed its three-day mega convention in Udaipur, Rajasthan – focusing on the 2024 elections – are likely to provoke the BJP uproar.

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