Rahul Gandhi may be unproductive politically but shouldn’t try to curb Parliament’s productivity: Smriti Irani

With opposition protests over price hikes blocking parliament’s actions, the BJP on Wednesday criticized Rahul Gandhi, saying the Congress leader may have been “politically unproductive” but should not try to curb the productivity of the legislature.

Seasonal Parliament session Saw a little business Since it began on Monday because members of the opposition, including members of Congress, have disrupted its actions on issues such as the new Goods and Services Tax on certain foodstuffs and price hikes in general.

The government and the opposition accused each other of evading the debate on the critical issues facing the country.

Attacking Gandhi, Union Minister and BJP leader, Smriti Irani, alleged that his political life was filled with showing disrespect for parliamentary procedures and traditions. She told reporters that he is now determined to reduce the productivity of the Lok Sabha.

As an MP for Amethy between 2004 and 2019, no question was asked in Parliament, and when he “abandoned” the constituency and became a MP for Wayanad, his attendance in the Lok Sabha was less than 40 percent in the 2019 winter session, Iran said. She added that he had never proposed any member-specific bill.

She had defeated Gandhi at Amethy in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

The Iranian also examined him because of his frequent foreign visits and said that this had become a source of concern for his party.

He spent his political life disrespecting parliamentary traditions. And now he dedicates himself to ensuring that parliamentary deliberations and debates do not take place.”

“He may be politically unproductive, but he shouldn’t have dared to continually curb the productivity of Parliament,” she added.

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