Radhika Apte Was Asked To Change Her Nose and Get Botox Done, Says ‘I Felt Angrier’

Many celebrities have opened up time and time again about how they were told in the early days of their careers that they weren’t fit for the industry or that they should at least do Botox. Last on the list is Radhika Apte. The artist revealed in a recent interview how she was asked to change her nose, have breast implants and Botox in order to stay in the industry.

“I’ve had this pressure before. When I was new I was asked to do many jobs on my body and face. My first meeting, I was told to change my nose. The second meeting I had I was told to get a boob job. Then it went on, and then I was asked Me to do something for my legs, then something for my jaw, something to refill somewhere here (pointing to her cheeks) and then Botox. Like, it took 30 years to color my hair. I wouldn’t even get an injection. “Movie buddy,” the actress said.

However, Radhika also mentioned that she never felt pressured but got angry because of all this. “I’ve never felt pressured by it. In fact, I felt angry, and in fact all of it actually helped me love my body more because I was like, ‘I love my body,'” she added.

Radhika also shared how a friend of hers who had Botox done also asked her to do it. However, she refused, saying that she did not want to hate aging because it was against nature. “But man, I’m a little sick and tired of people doing it constantly and that’s why it doesn’t affect me. I mean it affects me, but it doesn’t affect me the way I would like it to at all,” said Radhika.

On the work front, Radhika Apte will appear in a suspenseful psychological thriller titled Forensic with Vikrant Masi. The film is directed by Vishal Furia, and the film also features Prachi Desai, Vindu Dara and Rohit Roy. Forensic is scheduled to premiere on June 24, 2022 on ZEE5.

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