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In the vast landscape of opportunity for T20 all-rounders, Ravichandran Ashwin emerged as an unlikely batting hero, helping Rajasthan Royals to a top-two spot after the league stage. Some expected Ashwin to do so. Andre Russell is more credible. Because in death overs we have seen him flexing his power-hitting muscle over and over. Rashid Khan’s batting success is also not surprising, as his ‘snake-shot’ has stung the bowlers for years.

If it was golf, Ashwin would have started the IPL 15 with more handicaps. But the Royals management saw what others did not do in Ashwin’s batting. Deli Capitals is the only franchise that chases Ashwin in the auction. Ashwin’s 40 off 23 balls on Friday gave the Royals the edge in the playoffs when Chennai Super Kings won the web over spin. In long-form cricket, the spin wizard is known for his touch and time with the bat but with his low six-hitting reputation – he has hit 12 sixes in 12 IPL seasons previously – hitting 9 highs and batting with a strike rate of 146.60. , This season.

Ashwin is usually the initiator of innovations but this time the Royals think-tank has plans to bat him on the powerplay. “I am not blessed with great power. So, I had a lot of work to do, ”he said Friday. “I’ve been open a lot in practice matches. I tried to get back home. Batting is carried out by massive repetitions. Being primarily a bowler, batters occupy more space in the nets. You bat once every 3-4 matches. I have been told that you will be used in Powerplay, the amount of repetitions given to me in Nets and Simulations helped.

Three of Ashwin’s nine tournament sixes came against CSK and each of them is well calculated. Ashwin needed 67 off 42 balls and with just a tail to come, Ashwin slid off the track against his off-spin counterpart Moin Ali. With the Royals still trailing by 38 runs in 19 balls and an increase in pressure, they slog-swept Prashant Solanki’s leg-spinner from wide off the off-stump. It was a mistake if he needed 17 off 10, but Ashwin went deep into the crease to make Mukesh Chaudhary’s delivery into a long ball and lifted it with a deep mid-wicket.

“Before the tournament started, how many hours did he bat in the Nets, we were expecting something special.

Ashwin Finisher set aside the CSK game that came to the fore and used it as a tool for balancing different match situations in Powerplay. Become a traditional pinch hitter with a license to thrill. Also, as a pinch anchor to expand the batting order.

Top scorer Jos Buttler has lost a bit of steam and nothing has been fixed by Rossi van der Dussan, Daryl Mitchell, Karun Nair, James Neesham, Ryan Parag, and Ashwin’s batting role has proved crucial.

Like all things, Ashwin has adopted different batting techniques to stay ahead of the bowlers. “I try to do something new. I won’t bat the same way in the next game,” he said. ) Very easy .I have tried to open wide options around myself and I am very confident that I can clear the ropes when needed.

The curved posture is an option when facing a spin against the Delhi Capitals. A person who does not mind to use his signature off-spinner to stay relevant, the leg-spin learns to bowl different types of carrom balls, is fit for protection as bowling is the best form of offense, and innovation never stops. Surprisingly, Ashwin was the only batter to ‘retire’ in the competition. At the Royals, he found a team that matched his wisdom in lateral thinking.

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