Quad to take up the Indo-Pacific challenge in Tokyo | World News

As a senior member of QUAD, Prime Minister Modi is expected to join hands with other members to strengthen economic and energy cooperation to prevent a global collapse from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In the wake of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, QAD is expected to record forward momentum to strengthen the group at next Tuesday’s Tokyo summit.

While QAD diplomats are working to come out with a strong statement about the brutal war in Ukraine and the Chinese war in the Indo-Pacific, two theaters and their global collapse will be key topics of discussion at the summit.

With Australia’s general election scheduled for today, there is a strong possibility that QUAD will welcome a new prime minister underneath it unless Scott Morrison pulls an election miracle in the current election. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the oldest member of the quad and the last new member of the group is Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

While the QUAD groups have called for an immediate halt to the war in the Ukrainian theater, with Russia largely controlling the Luhansk-Donbas-Mariupol region, the US, UK and EU powers have been willing to challenge Russia financially and militarily under Vladimir. Putin and serious efforts are underway to sever oil and gas ties with Moscow with fresh LNG terminals coming to Greece and Italy. By persuading Finland and Sweden to join NATO, the US and EU have opened another theater with Russia with long-standing branches.

Apart from the war in Ukraine, if the Chinese Communist Party decides to invade Taipei soon and fall immediately upon Japan, QUAD’s main focus will be the Indo-Pacific and Taiwan military emergency. Just as the PLA is relentless in the South China Sea, it is flexing military muscles across the real control line in Xinjiang and Tibet. Increasing military infrastructure in Xinjiang and Tibet is designed to allow rapid deployment of PLA land forces with support elements in the worst case scenario. The Indian Army has also embraced the challenge of China but democratic politics in India does not allow the single-minded focus of a dictatorial nation like China where there is no room for dissent.

However, the QUAD democracy group is expected to work hand in hand to strengthen maritime and energy security architecture by focusing on reliable global supply chains and partnering with critical and emerging technologies.

Apart from attending the Quad Summit, Prime Minister Modi will hold bilateral meetings with US President Joe Biden and Japanese PM Kishida to deepen economic and energy cooperation. Although Russia and China are the elephants in the room, QUAD is looking to emerge as a global good and stability force during the war in Ukraine, the military conflict in the Indo-Pacific, and the coronavirus with small and large economies. .

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