PWD to redevelop three key flyovers for smooth commute between Central and Outer Delhi

The Department of Public Works (PWD) will repair and redevelop three major flyovers in Delhi – those in Karampura, Jokalpuri and Mukundpur – to provide a seamless and seamless connection, officials said.

This will help passengers, especially those traveling between West Delhi and Central/New Delhi, North East Delhi and Ghaziabad and out of Delhi to New Delhi and Ghaziabad.

In the framework of rehabilitation works for these overhead bridges, people with disabilities will replace and repair expansion joints, bearings and outriggers for overhead bridges to avoid any kind of unwanted accidents and make it safe for the public.

“Overbridges are rehabilitated every five to seven years in order to make a particular extension healthier and safer for occupants and also to avoid accidents or other undesirable accidents. Persons with disabilities will rehabilitate three major flyovers that connect the outer/borderline of the city to the central part of the city. city,” one of the officials said.

The official added that on the Mukundpur flyover, an RCC casing will be made of two berths where the RCC will be demolished and the slabs, beams and columns that appear to be cut off will be made. At the Karampura Flyover, expansion joints and bearings will be replaced and repaired.

“The outriggers at Gokalpuri Bridge will be replaced, the damaged sections, potholes, broken roads, layout and main track will be repaired and the extension will be reinforced. All potholes will be filled, the road will be completely dismantled and re-paved. Besides, signs, plaques, appropriate diversions and stop signs will also be painted with thermoplastic paints. “.

Officials also said that repairing expansion joints, outriggers and bearings would also increase the life of the flyovers. They added that tenders have been launched to redevelop these three bridges.

The tender process and award of the contract will take about a month and once the work starts it will be completed within six months. The estimated cost is Rs 12.65 crore.

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