Putin’s closest ally awaits freedom, will Moscow swap ‘Nazi’ Azov soldiers?

Published May 22, 2022 08:25 PM IST

In April, Ukraine announced the arrest of Medvedechuk, the pro-Russian politician who escaped during a “lightning-fast” campaign. Viktor Medvedechuk is widely seen in Ukraine as a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Viktor Medvedchuk bankrolled the opposition forum – For Life, the largest pro-Russian party in Ukraine. Medvedechuk’s child has Putin as godfather – Russian president baptized Daria, daughter of businessman. Medvedchuk’s party was among 11 parties suspended last month for Russian contact. Accused of treason and placed under house arrest last year, a businessman tried to fund the rebels in eastern Ukraine. Then re-arrested, Victor Medvedechuk soon managed to escape after Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

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