Punjabi to Hindi medium: Haryana IAS officer turns teacher for science students

To ensure that language should not be a barrier to science subjects, IAS officer in Haryana, Prabhjot Singh, has started teaching Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics to grades 11 and 12 students in Hindi through a social media platform.

IAS Batch 2010 employee, Prabhjot Singh, 35, is currently the Managing Director, National Health Mission, Haryana. Singh, a former ISRO scientist, interviewed people from different walks of life on his YouTube channel, “Prabhjot Singh IAS PCM Concepts Motivational Talks”. In the past two months, he has interviewed two IAS officers, author, journalist, physician, ISRO scientist and athletic trainer to inspire students apart from discussing concepts for science subjects.

“I studied in a Punjabi middle school in Ludhiana, so I wanted a platform where students can teach science in an easy language. That is why I chose Hindi to ensure it has a wider reach, including in rural areas,” says Singh.

“When I studied in a Punjabi middle school, my transition from grade 10 to class 11 was difficult because I went to English middle school to study science. I spent four to five months finding the meaning of new English words in the dictionary. But I was lucky enough as it was There are good teachers of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at SCD State College in Ludhiana. However, I saw quite a few students who could not enter the science stream there. Therefore, I always realized that language should not be an obstacle to pursuing a science stream,” he adds.

Singh says, “I have a special affinity for science subjects. At first, Physics and Chemistry were UPSC Civil Service Examination elective subjects. With these subjects I passed the written examination twice and reached the interview level once. Later, I chose Punjabi literature instead of Chemistry and got my UPSC Exam.

He says, “I wanted to do something like this when I was Deputy Commissioner (Sirsa) as well. At that time, I had tried a concept like the famous Super 30 training program in Bihar founded by Anand Kumar, a math teacher. But it could not be achieved due to technical obstacles” .

Last year, Anand Kumar was awarded “Honorary Sarabhai Teacher Scientist National Award 2021” by the National Council of Scientist Teachers (NCTS) for making mathematics easy to learn and training disadvantaged students to succeed in IIT exams.

Singh says, “Also in Haryana, the state government has started a program similar to Super 100. But also on a personal level, I wanted to contribute. So, I took this initiative.”

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