Punjab passes resolution against making Panjab University a central varsity

The Punjab Legislature passed a resolution Thursday against an attempt to transform the status of Punjab VV into a central university, but strongly urged the Center not to consider any changes in the nature and nature of the institution.

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The decision stated that any decision to change the format of the Punjab University was unacceptable to the people of Punjab and therefore, any proposal should be withdrawn with immediate effect. All members except the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supported the resolution.

PU belongs to our heritage, Punjab: Minister

The state assembly has recommended to the Punjab government to resolve the issue with the central government. This decision was tabled by Higher Education Minister Gurmeet Singh Meat Hayer.

Heyar said Punjab is stealing rights from the center. “PU belongs to Punjab. This is our legacy. We will not leave the central government to concentrate, ”he said.

BJP MLA Jangi Lal Mahajan questioned the resolution and asked the state government as to the reason for bringing it up. Has the Center sent any proposals, written to the State Government, or made any statement regarding the action to focus on the University? He called for a resolution without any basis. He said the central government had to give 60% and the Punjab government 40%, but the state government was not giving its full share. BJP members said there was no action by the Center.

The resolution passed by the assembly said that the council was concerned about the efforts of the Pattabhadra interests to push the university of Punjab into a central university.

After independence, the PU was re-launched with the Punjab University Act of 1947 and later with the reorganization of the State of Punjab in 1966, it was declared an inter-state corporation corporate under section 72 (1). Punjab Reorganization Act, 1966, enacted by Parliament. “Since its inception, PU has been working continuously and uninterruptedly in the State of Punjab. It was shifted from Lahore, the then capital of Punjab, to Hoshiarpur and then to the capital of Punjab, Chandigarh. ”

More than 175 colleges are affiliated with the University of Punjab in the Fazilka, Ferozepur, Hoshiarpur, Ludhiana, Moga, Muktsar and Shaheed Bhagat Singh urban districts. It added, “The full territorial jurisdiction and population of the University of the Punjab falls under the Union Territory of Chandigarh.

‘PU gets emotional seat for Punjabis’

In conclusion, the PU has taken an emotional place in the minds of the Punjabis for historical, regional and cultural reasons and has emerged as an educational and cultural symbol of Punjab’s heritage and heritage and is almost synonymous. State.

While Haryana and Himachal Pradesh have stopped offering their share of the management deficit grant to the university, Punjab has increased its stake from 20% to 40% and has been paying continuously since 1976, it said. The Haryana government unilaterally withdrew its affiliation from the university and transferred it to other universities in Haryana, which has reduced university revenues.

The House noted that the university was operating and operating its financial affairs unilaterally. However the state of Punjab has increased grant-aid To 20 crores 45.30 crores in fiscal 2020-21, which is an increase of more than 75%. In addition, approx The university collects 100 crores annually from affiliated colleges of Punjab. This substantial increase may not be in line with the needs of the Punjab University, but it is due to the fact that no bilateral negotiation process has been implemented.

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