Pune Police Nab Shooter Santosh Jadhav, Aide

On Monday, an official said, the Pune police have arrested Santosh Jadhav, the shooter in the murder case of Punjabi singer Seydu Mus Wala. Pune Rural Police has also arrested Jadhav’s assistant, the suspect in the Moss Wall murder case.

Additional General Manager (Law and Order) Kulwant Kumar Sarangal is expected to brief the media on the developments on Monday morning.

Jadhav, a member of Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang, was arrested in a 2021 murder case registered at Manchar Police Station in Pune district, the official said. He was on the run for a year. The official said his name and surname Nagnath Suryavanshi appeared in the Moose Wala murder investigation.

Pune Rural Police intensified their search and arrested Sidhesh Campbell aka Mahakal, accused of harboring Jadhav after the 2021 murder case. Pune Rural Police arrested Mahakal, a member of the Bishnoi gang, last week in a MCOCA case registered against him at Manchar Police Station. He was also questioned by the Special Cell of the Delhi Police and the Punjab Police in connection with the Moss Wall murder case.

Mahakal was questioned by Mumbai police in connection with a threatening letter to screenwriter Salim Khan and his son, actor Salman Khan. The official said the rural Pune district sent several teams to Gujarat and Rajasthan last week to track down Jadhav.

A senior police officer said on June 10 that Delhi police had identified six shooters allegedly involved in the murder of famous Punjabi singer Seydu Musiwala.

During the press conference, HS Dhaliwal, Special Commissioner of Police, Special Cell said that the police released eight photos of the suspects and six of the shooters were identified. Among them, the role of four in the murder was determined.

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