Pune: Koregaon Park residents want noise pollution from pubs, restaurants to be major issue in PMC polls

Residents of Koregaon Park in Pune have complained about noise pollution and traffic congestion caused by the proliferation of pubs, bars and restaurants in the area. Citizen groups in the region want a solution to this that holds the greatest promise in opinion polls for political parties before The upcoming Pune Municipal Council (PMC) elections.

Rohan Desai, an active member of a civic group in the area, said the loud music played by many of these establishments late at night was annoying. “Almost all of the new establishments that have sprung up in the various lanes of Koregaon Park are playing loud music. The problem is acute in Lane No. 7 and the South Main Road area of ​​Koregaon Park where many of these establishments are located.”

Desai said that many establishments do not have enough parking spaces, and thus sponsors often park their cars on the roads. He said the lack of clarity about the parking has also led to problems in the area. Desai said that prominent members of civic groups, such as Ruda Mehta, Sathi Nair and others, have taken up the matter with the authorities as well as the owners of these institutions, but the problem remains.

Desai said that no action was taken despite multiple complaints to the police over the alleged political sponsorship of these institutions. Citizens recently met with Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar to discuss this issue. During the meeting, the commissioner spoke about injunctions obtained by some institutions against anti-infringement activities. As citizens we have fully supported his commitment to action against infringement.”

Desai said that this issue made many citizens reconsider their decision to invest and stay in one of the most expensive areas of Pune, but it did not find much attraction among the political leadership in the region. This should be the only issue that companies in our region have to bring up. We will make sure that this becomes a problem in future civilian opinion polls.

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