Pune: Body of Delhi engineer located in Lonavala valley, efforts on to retrieve it

Pune Rural Police said the body of 24-year-old Farhan Sirajuddin A Delhi engineer who got lost during a trip to Pune On May 20, it falls in a valley in Nagphani near Lonavala Tuesday. Police said several emergency response agencies including the NDRF are coordinating an operation to retrieve the engineer’s body.

Police officials said Farhan, who was an employee of a robotics company in Delhi, came to Kolhapur last week for work and then arrived in Pune. Take a trip to the jungle area around Nagphani, also known as Duke’s Nose.

The police have yet to verify how Farhan lost his life. He was identified initially by his clothes and later by taking pictures from a distance.

Until now, Police investigations It has been revealed that Farhan started his journey on the morning of May 20. He climbed up the Duke’s nose and was back when he realized he had lost his way. In his last contact with a friend in Delhi on the afternoon of May 20, before he could not be traced, Farhan told his friend that he had lost his way in the jungle. He even told him to start a search if he couldn’t find a way out within two hours.

An intense search and rescue operation began after members of the Farhan family approached the Pune Rural Police. The search teams consisted of local villagers, teams of Pune Rural Police and hikers of search and rescue groups – Schefdurg Mitra from Lonavala and Yashwant Hackers from Khubuli. A squad of police dogs and drones were pressed to locate Farhan and his family and friends also joined in the search.

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