Priyanka Chopra’s new venture gets shoutout from Mindy Kaling: ‘Gorgeous’

Priyanka Chopra, who recently launched her own homeware line in the US, got the call from Mindy Calling for her new venture. Mindy praised Priyanka’s decorative collection and hinted that she would soon buy her products. Priyanka thanked Mindy for her endorsement, but fans wanted updates on their collaboration. Read More | Priyanka Chopra talks about emigrating to the US as she launches the homeware line: ‘I’ve left my roots’. View

Priyanka last week announced their homeware line, Sona Home, which noted that they were trying to bring a piece of their Indian heritage to homes in the US with their brand. On Monday, he shared another video to give a glimpse of some of the pieces he has in his collection while talking to company co-founder Manish Goyal. The two discussed the thought put into each piece.

Priyanka said, “What I think is so beautiful at Sona Home is that every thing comes from an idea. There is a reason for the design to be the way it is. We have a reason to choose certain shapes, why there is a particular lace.” He wrote, “In addition to being inspired by India, the collection has many personal ties. Lampshades are made using vintage saris inspired by the beautiful story about Manish’s mother (it tears me up whenever I hear it).”

Priyanka’s friend and actor-producer Mindy Calling was the first to respond to this post. She commented, “Ohmg want! They’re beautiful.” Priyanka responded to Mindy’s comment by adding a red heart emoji ‘Thank you !!’ That is. Fans of the pair also responded to Mindy’s comment and said she and Priyanka wanted to release their movie together soon. One wrote “We need a wedding comedy as soon as possible,” while another responded, “Pls we need a wedding comedy movie with a PC.”

Mindy and Priyanka star as cousins ​​in a romantic comedy that revolves around a big Indian wedding. If Mindy plays the Indo-American, Priyanka will play her first cousin, who was born and raised in India. Mindy is also co-writing the film.

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