Prithviraj wants to remake Bro Daddy in Tamil with Rajinikanth: ‘He has a fantastic comic timing’

Actor and director Prithviraj Sukumaran is busy promoting his upcoming film Kaduva, which is Malayalam for the Tiger. He was in Chennai recently to unveil the Tamil version of the movie trailer. Addressing the media there, he expressed his desire to direct a Tamil remake of Bro Daddy with Superstar Rajinikanth in the lead role. The role was originally played by Malayalam star Mohanlal.

Rajinikanth Sir is the biggest star in India and has a cult following. But people have forgotten Rajinikanth Sir’s amazing comedic timing. We are even aware of Sir Kamal’s comedic timing. But we don’t talk about Ragini Sir’s humor. He has great comedic timing. , I thought if I did this movie in Tamil, I would cast Ragini Siri as Lal Sir. I would love to see Ragini Siri in a family comedy drama,” Prithviraj said.

Prithviraj has so far directed two films, both starring Mohanlal. His last movie Bro Daddy, released live on Disney Plus Hostar, was his second. The film revolves around the close relationship between father and son. Prithviraj also played the second lead in the film, in which actors Meena and Kalyani Priyadarshan also co-starred.

Meanwhile, Prithviraj’s Kaduva movie has been delayed for a week. The film was scheduled to hit cinemas on Thursday. Its release has been postponed to July 7 for reasons that are not yet clear. Prithviraj announced the postponement of the film, citing “unforeseen circumstances” without giving the exact reason for the delay. However, he continues to promote the film.

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