Priest Urges Bride, Groom to Hurry up During ‘Pheras’ at 3 am Wedding

Indian weddings are not a one-day affair. From mehndi to haldi, every day is a special affair. The main event also takes approximately 24 hours to peak. As a result, it can tire not only the guests or the bride and groom but also the priest leading the processions.

In a video circulating on social media, a semi-married couple is seen making the rounds around a fire pit when a priest is heard advising the couple to run and get over it. Apparently, the ritual was performed at three in the morning. The comment made by the priest sparked a wave of laughter across the hall, which also included the bride and groom.

take a look:

Since its sharing, the video has collected more than 50 views, and nearly 5 thousand likes. Netizens became instant fans of the priest, and that was evident in the kind of comments that came up. One user expected “pandit ji” to be comical before. Another described him as a rocking artist. One user wrote, “It’s the same detective who makes celebrities laugh during their wedding.” Another wrote, “One thing to note is pandit ji bade lit hain (Pandit ji is very lit).”

Well, users on social media weren’t wrong in their observation. The bride and groom shared several more clips where Pandit Ji was seen cracking jokes and making the couple laugh.

In another clip, the same priest is heard instructing the groom to see the bride’s face while performing a ritual.


In this equally fast video, the priest, glancing at the wedding photographers who continue to cast various poses at the couple, said, “Inke camera mein ghus jaao (insert their camera).”

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