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The nomination papers of the 72 candidates are currently being reviewed by Rajya Sabha officials, who are in charge of elections to India’s highest office.

National Democratic Alliance candidate Draupadi Murmu and Opposition face Yashwant Sinha are not two contenders for the next President of India, as Rajya Sabha officials have informed the other 70 aspirants at this stage of the race. .

The nomination papers of the 72 candidates are currently being reviewed by the officials in charge of the highest office in India.

A senior Rajya Sabha official said that 115 candidates have submitted their papers and 28 of them have rejected their applications. Officials are now reviewing 85 nominations for 72 candidates.

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By law, a candidate’s nomination letter must be subscribed by at least 50 voters as a proponent and at least 50 voters as a secondary. An elector may subscribe to a nomination letter of a candidate as a proposer or secondor and is governed by Section 5B (5) of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential Elections Act, 1952.

The law states that a candidate can submit a maximum of four nominations. The security deposit of the election 15,000, is required to be forwarded along with the letter of nomination, or deposited with the Reserve Bank of India or Government Treasury under the relevant accounts for the purpose before the nomination is filed.

Officials said Murmu and Sinha’s nomination consists of four sets of nominations filed by various lawmakers of the respective camps. “But other candidates are unlikely to get such advisers and secondaries.

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